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Recession Pick-Me-Ups

No doubt about it - this recession sucks. For everyone. My husband owns a retail business and that really sucks, but lest anyone think I'm complaining, I'm not. I'm just grateful he's still IN business. Still, like the rest of the world, we've obviously had to cut back. But, don't despair, I've come up with a list (I've discovered I make quite a few lists!) of thrifty activities which ooze entertainment and fun.

1. Sex - duh! Usually no expense here, but for an added kick, tasty additions like honey or whipped cream can be added for very little cost.

2. Read an E-Book. Much cheaper than punt books and convenient as well! I believe you could even select a few on this very website!

3. Bake your own Cookies. You can bake your own for less than half the price of store bought ones, they taste better and (this is the best part) you get to lick the bowl!

4. Go for a walk in the woods.

5. Have sex in the woods.

6. Spa day - at home! Take a long, luxurious soak in warm water up to your neck and scented with your favourite essential oil and a big handful of Epson Salts.

7. Spend time with friends - very fun and very cheap!

8. Invite that friend to spread creamy lotion over your freshly bathed and scented body - then - naturally, return the favour.

See - just because money is tight doesn't mean that you have to cut back on fun - just be creative in ways to find your own pleasure.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Marie,

Thanks for an excellent post. You've reminded me that the best things in life are free (and the next best are almost free!)


Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Luscious ideas.
I recently broke my arm--though not the best way to have your mate do things for you. Yet, today, he and I shared a shower which we hadn't done in FAR FAR TOO LONG!
FYI, we learned as we laughed that broken arms do not impede artfulness of play OR imagination!

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