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Tis the season....... for vampires?

I don't know about you but I get into what I call reading 'moods'. Let me explain!
I'll read a really good book (always hope they're good anyway) and it will start- the reading mood. If it is a M/M book its a good bet that my next 3-4 books will be M/M. If its vampire, werewolf, biker, cowboy, etc, I get on a genre kick!
Maybe a few of you are the same? I also love to read a new author. Then once I know I like their style and story-telling I go and grab all of their books! I know I can't be the only one to do that!
Right now? Ahhh its all about the vampires! Hmmm nothing like a yummy, biting, tall, dark, and handsome man to warm you up at night, right?
With five days off for the recent Holiday here I finished one of my manuscripts- vampire? Yes! I also started a new series to read, vampire again, yes! Hee hee. I', addicted.
Which leads me to tell you about my December 21st release- Eternal.
Eternal? Can you guess the genre? Vampire? Hell yes!!!!
Eternal Blurb-
Jo Black went in search of a vampire...and finding one is going to rock her world.
Immortal Nic Lucian has finally met his bond-mate only to have her try to kill him. As he tries to introduce her to his world and reunite her with her sister who is now an immortal, he gets a lesson in modern women and how stubborn they can be.Jo's world had been turned upside down.
The death of her sister introduced her to the world of vampire hunting. Now she learns the hard way that crosses, stakes, holy water, and sunlight don't work. And you better protect your heart and body, because when an immortal wants you, he gets you - one way or another
Makes me hot just thinking about it! And I know what happens!!!
So I hope you put Eternal on your Christmas shopping list! It is sure to make you very happy- Whether you've been naughty or nice. Check the contest page coming in December for your chance to win a free copy of Eternal!!!
Also let me take a minute to Congratulate the November Contest Winner of Seduction- Candy Stone was chosen to receive a copy of my October release Lacey's Seduction.
For more information about my books, current, and future contest check out my website!
Crissy Smith

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