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2010: Year of the Satyrs.

What a crazy year!

As our first year of being with TEB comes to a close, I'm still so tickled at being part of this amazing and progressive publisher.

Next year will have us releasing some new work in the American Satyrs series, the first, To Collar and Keep will be out in the spring of 2010. If you have been following our Satyrs, its going to be Harlequin's book, where he meets his intended, Arabella.

Audra and I are still writing this because of the baby situation on her side, and we haven't had time to finish the book as we wanted. Still, we are working on it, and it is a bit longer then the Collars... And we think that not only will you enjoy the naughtiness that is Harley and Bella, but youll enjoy the intrigue and society politics we have weaved in. Its very involved, but we think you will love it.

Anyway, Heres to having a wonderful new year, and enjoying the year to come. I hope for a wonderful year ahead, filled with books, fantastic events, conventions and booksignings.

Happy New year all!

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