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Christmas Spirit Warms the Heart.

Hello all and Merry Christmas! Today I am going to give you a present, it is the season for it after all! I am going to share with you an excerpt from my upcoming release Christmas Spirit Warms the Heart.

This sweet, snuggly story will be available from Total-E-Bound from the 28th December and will be the perfect way to wind down after the fun packed and busy Christmas period. It will be just the thing to recharge you and boost your Christmas Spirit.

Here's the blurb:

Do you believe in Santa? He believes in you.

Jodi is a toll booth operator and she meets Mike when one night he forgets change for the toll. There is an instant connection and they decide to meet up on Christmas Eve for a date. However plans are almost ruined when Mike's car refuses to start but then Santa swoops down and gives them a lift on his sleigh.

Our couple get to know each other intimately during their stay at Santa's grotto and are surprised to find out that Father Christmas has a job for them both but will our virgin lovers take on the task?

And here is the promised Excerpt. :)

A few stops later, Santa passed Jodi a big thermos flask. “This place is massive. I’ll be gone a while. Help yourself to this. It’s Christmas spirit. I get so much left out for me, I can’t drink it all. So I save it up in here. It’s a good brew but strong. Oh and if you like.” Santa flicked down a little door, like a glove compartment just in front of Mike.

“In there is a plate of cookies. I get lots of those, too. Oh, but just look out for the really homemade-looking ones. The little children make them themselves, and they’re cute but rarely tasty.”

He chuckled again and leapt off onto the snow-covered turret of the European-looking
castle below.

“Any idea where the hell we are?” Jodi chirruped with a lighter soul than she’d had in a long time.

“Not a bleeding clue,” Mike replied also feeling the strange, light-hearted soul business and resigned to enjoying it to the fullest. They both collapsed laughing then Jodi unscrewed the cap of the old, red tartan-patterned flask.

She inhaled and moaned, “That smells so good.” She moved in closer to Mike, his body
pressed up along her arm. “Smell,” she commanded.

He slipped his nose just above the flask opening and moaned softly, too. “It smells so sweet and…and good.” He could think of no other way to say it.

Jodi poured a large drop into the flask lid and offered it to Mike, who offered it back to her for the first sip.

He watched her thin but sensual lips as they clasped the edge of the plastic cup and
observed the way her eyes closed in enjoyment as the liquid coursed down her throat. He felt the stirrings of arousal in the pit of his stomach. A moment later, he realised why she looked so happy in that moment. Drinking from Santa’s flask was like drinking liquid joy.
A pleasured growl fell from his lips. “So good,” he gasped.
Jodi nodded and giggled. The small sip of Christmas Spirit went straight to her head
and, unexpectedly, to her pelvis, too. Jodi was not usually a particularly sensual woman. She had never understood the attraction of touch and closeness. She’d always recoiled from the touch of her mother, the touch of strangers felt alien and uncomfortable to her, and she’d never had any other touching experience. But at that moment, she craved touch. She wanted something she wasn’t sure about, but she knew she had to feel Mike’s touch—everywhere

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And that's it. Enjoy your Christmas and I'll see you again in the New Year.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Sounds like a truly heart-warming tale, Victoria!

Happy holidays!

All the best,

victoriablisse said...

Thank you Lisabet, enjoy the festivities! :)