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Dream Cast 2: Tiimothy and Basho

In celebration of Yin Yang coming out as both audio book and single title e-book, I chose Timothy and Basho for this installment of dream cast. Simon Baker (The Mentalist) fits my image of Timothy EXACTLY! And Tim Kang, also from the same show, though no precisely my image of Basho, is close enough to fit.

I was so excited to hear my book being read by a man with a delightful Scottish accent. Before I heard it, I was wishing that Daniel Craig could be the one to read my story. I love his voice and he has a wonderful accent. However, since that was not a possibility, I'm completely happy with the sound of the story and hope you enjoy it too.

Hugs, Sedonia


Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations on the double release, Sedonia!

And happy holidays, too.


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