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In Dreams He Came

This morning my alarm clock, cheerfully tuned to a Christmas station, woke me from the most bizarre dream I've had in months. Picture this scaly demon creatures morphing into studly hot men-not bad so far right? Wait for it-who spontaneously burst out into the pledge of allegiance while wearing school boy outfits like Angus Young from AC/DC then proceed to compete using each other as dance partners in a very So You Think You Can Dance setting. I was the judge and sounded like I was channeling my inner Adam Shankman. It must have been the White castles I had for dinner last night and the DVR recording of the top 12 I watched before bed.

This got me thinking about how dreams can play such a big factor in some peoples lives. They can let you escape into a world of intrigue and passion you never want to let go OR trap you in a nightmarish realm you can't escape. For an author they can be sources of inspiration or a way to finalize that plot line you've been working on for days and can't seem to get quite right.

People often talk about their "Dream Man/Woman", eagerly anticipating the day when this paragon crosses your path and you walk off into the sunset together. In dreams anything is possible. You can even turn your teenagers into model citizens who obey every command, without talking back :)

I propose a challenge to all who read this blog. Email me at your craziest, sexiest or funniest dream in the past three months. Put "Blog Contest" in the subject line! The winner will receive a copy of my TEB release Shield's Submissive. All submissions due by Friday December 4th and the winner will be notified by email.


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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Trina,

Weird dream, but no weirder than the ones I have. They're very vivid, but often too confused and bizarre to even relate to someone else!