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Just an updated post

Hello Readers,

There's nothing really new to report. I haven't much to post about lately because I've been trying to be on vacation and I'm sick.

Go figure.

The MOMENT I stop working and busting my ass, I get sick. AND I get more work to do by my publicist, producer and publisher.

Warning: Stay out of this business LOL!

At least I heard from one of my Dominants. Very glad she's alive. How has this year been for all of you? The recession here in America that Superman has done nothing with has hurt us all but seriously, it's been a productive year. I've had a number of releases come out from this publisher and Renaissance E-books, I have plans for ore novels to give to everyone, (yeah, I hear you Claire, Menages at TEB sell really really well LOL!)

I've spent a lot of time getting to know more authors and expand my network so when it comes time for ideas to flow, I can utilize them as potential resources! The radio show has had some fun and we'll be featuring more TEB authros on The UnNamed Romance Show in 2010.

I can't sit back and wait for things to happen. I've got money to make!

What say you about this year and last?

Sascha Illyvich - Sascha's Secrets...stories so hot they have to be whispered

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