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Take an INtermission from life

That's what Lisa Graham did-literally. When Interlude, the hot bar and sex club where she'd met Mark literally disappeared into the woodwork, she decided to check out Danny's, the unlikely bar that had shown up in its place. Sipping her drink at the bar, she shivered when she heard a voice that siounded exactly like Mark's. But when she turned, it was a sexy-as-sin man who as his complete oppposite. Where Mark was dark, this man was light, but the lust in his eyes was just as strong. So what's a woman to do when the man who makes her hopt and wet makes a move on her?

“Okay if I lean over you to catch the bartender’s eye?”
The male voice was deep, smoky, and vaguely familiar. She turned her head and nearly fell off the stool.
“Mark?” It came out as a squeak.
It was Mark. Only…not Mark at all. This man, instead of being impeccably turned out in an expensive custom-tailored suit, was wearing jeans and a v-neck sweater. His hair was just as dark, but instead of being carefully cut, it lay in thick, rumpled waves on his head, almost touching the tip of the sweater. A definite stubble shadowed his square jaw.
Lisa stared, unable to tear her eyes away from him. Was someone playing a trick on her? Or had she truly lost her mind.
The man stared back at her, humour dancing in his eyes and a wicked grin on his face.
“Were you expecting someone?”
She shook her head as if to clear it. “No. You just reminded me so much of someone I…sort of know.”
“Well, I’m Jake, and now, you sort of know me.” He winked. “Can I buy you a drink to cement the introduction?”
Lisa was tempted to refuse, but maybe, this was a sign. Fate had sent a man closely resembling Mark to this bar with a different name. Maybe he’d be the one to clear up the mystery. Besides—and go figure this—she got the same throbbing beat in her cunt, the same release of cream soaking her crotch that she did when Mark spoke to her. Just his words, his voice, could make her hot and ready in seconds.
“Um, yes. Thanks.” She wriggled in her seat, trying to still the quivering muscles in her pussy. “That would be nice.”
He tilted his head, studying her. “Let’s see. I’m pretty good at this. You look like a vodka stinger kind of woman.”
Lisa’s heart almost stopped. How would he know that? Usually when she was out on a date, or a possible hook up, she stuck to wine. It didn’t fog her brain as much. But vodka stingers were what she’d been drinking both times with Mark. Something was definitely weird here.
She waited until the bartender came over and took their orders before asking her question. “So, do you come here a lot? To this place?”
“Now and then. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here. Have I?”
She shook her head. “I’m sure I’d remember. It’s just that…” She let her voice trail off, wondering how to phrase her next sentence.
“Just that what?” he prompted.
“I know this will sound like I need a straitjacket, but sometimes do you ever find this place, well, different?”
“Different?” He raised one thick eyebrow. “In what way?”
“I mean…” She wet her lips. “Like different inside.”
Holy shit. He’ll really think I’m a head case. I would if I were him.
But Jake just laughed. “Not that I recall. Danny’s just…Danny’s. You know?” He leaned closer to her, his head less than an inch from hers. “Your hair smells like roses. Does the rest of you smell just as good?”

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Desiree,

Sounds like an alternate universe to me...

I love the notion of fate reaching across time or space.

Thanks for sharing.