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White Christmas

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Like this one:

I dream of having a white, snowy one. I love them. The only way I'm going to get one this year is to hop on a plane and travel north or dump a lot of white stuff on my lawn (marshmallows anyone?) I live in South Florida where it hasn't snowed since 1972. I doubt it will this year as I'm still turning on the AC. So my Christmas will look like this one:

Or I could turn on a Christmas movie and watch a white Christmas. And I can read Christmas books filled with Christmas cheer. I think I'll do this.

I also love to write about Christmas and usually I write about white ones. I love to see Christmas lights twinkle on white powdery snow. I love to lie in the snow and make snow angels. I love to have snow ball fights. I loved to ice skate on my Grandpa's pond when I was little. Since I can't get away from my day job during December to take vacation to a cold, wintery place, I write and read about them.

Thus I've written several Christmas stories for your pleasure. Wherever you may live in the world I hope they will help you to get into the spirit of Christmas. Two at Total-E-Bound are:

Naughty Boys and Christmas Miracles.

At The Long & Short Reviews is Take A Chance.

Merry Christmas!

May your holidays be merry, bright and full of good cheer.



Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita said...

Merry Chrismast for you Dude!
may God Bless U! lifestyle on the net said...

Dropping by,...
Merry Chrismast and have a nice day,...GBU!

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Devon Rhodes said...

Nice pictures. Sigh. Makes me miss 'home', just a little bit!