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All Heart.

Can you believe we are half way through January already? That means it's only a month away to Valentine's Day and that also means that it is only 2 weeks until All Romance Ebooks Launch the 28 Days of Heart set of eBooks.

I am very pleased to be part of this as my story Vanilla with Extra Nuts will be available to download on the 17th February and all profits will go to the American Heart foundation.

Here's the blurb:
She was just a vanilla girl until she found her perfect toppings.

Megan was slowly falling in love with Adam and was devastated to hear he was fucking a man behind her back. When she confronts Adam about this she finds her lust for him over-riding her reticence.

That night she makes a secret fantasy come true and makes love to both men at the same time. But can vanilla Megan deal with this unusual relationship or will it all breakdown around her?

You will be able to pick up a different title from a different author every day in February and not only will you get a steaming hot and saucy read you will be helping to fight back against Heart Disease!


Lisabet Sarai said...

Great title, Victoria!

I'm looking forward to hosting you at my blog at the end of the month, too!


victoriablisse said...

Thanks Lisabet! I'm looking forward to being there! :)