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Happy New Year!!!

Well the holiday season is officially coming to a close. Some of us have spent time snuggled warm in our beds while blankets of snow cover the ground and some of us sat basking under the sun drinking fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas. Whatever holiday you celebrate I hope you've taken some time in your busy schedule to have fun with friends and/or family.

With the new year upon us it's traditional to make resolutions with the intent to improve or enrich your life. This year I'm at an impasse as to what resolution I'll attempt to endeavor. I could go with the old standby--improve my health by working out more and eating healthier. But lets be honest, who can resist the call of sweets at least once a month :) Last year I vowed to try something new, no matter how scary and vulnerable it made me feel. I have to say for the first time in my life that resolution was the best thing that happened to me. I submitted my first novel to TEB and it was released in September, and now is available in print! I have several more contracted and am anxiously awaiting their releases in a couple months. So what should I try for this year? Keep the house cleaner? How mundane! Pamper myself more? How expensively decadent! Maybe I should go for something simple--be a better person. It's vague enough that any small act of kindness can count and challenging enough to make you think before you act. Whatever you choose this year, I hope it helps you find fulfillment.

Here's a new years toast to each and everyone of you---May your lives be full of laughter and love. May you reach for the stars, but never forget where you come from. And may you live each and every day to its fullest for each day is a gift and not a given right.

Welcome 2010!!!


Lisabet Sarai said...

Happy New Year, Trina, and congratulations on fulfilling last year's resolutions.


Devon Rhodes said...

Hey girlfriend, this year had been crazy, hasn't it? Hope your 2010 is wonderful, whatever it may bring! I have high hopes for us both! Happy New Year! :)

Trina Lane said...

Happy New Year Lisabet and Devon! See you on the boards!

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