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Happy New Year!

Hello all!

January has been quite a weird month for Audra and I. I had hoped to post something awesome about the next release we will have with TEB, the second book in the American Satyr series called To Collar and Keep, but with everything going on with Audra's pregnancy, we are down to the wire to send it in to our awesome new editor.

So Audra is due Feb 8th, and needless to say we are all excited. Its going to be the first offspring between the two of us, and everyone is going nuts. We know shes having a boy, and its quite possible the child will be named Ace. *shakes head* thats my sister for you.

So in Feb, the last day of, Ill be back talking about the new book, and hopefully giving you an excerpt and blurb... So stay tuned... and wish us luck, cuz I dont think the world is read for the offspring of my sister and her husband, LOL.


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Lisabet Sarai said...

Give our best to Audra!