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New things in 2010

2010 has started as a great year to find new books out. I am so excited about the new releases and the upcoming books from my favorite authors.
A lot of authors also take the time at the beginning of a new year to update their websites and let us know what will be coming soon.

I so happen to be one of those Lol!
Over the last couple of weeks I have been hard at work at updating my website, yahoo group, and blog. I still have the networking sites to get to but hey I’m about half way there.
I also started a new blog project. While I have used my blog for mostly promoting my books I have now expanded and am thinking BIG! Starting Feb 1, 2010 my blog will be more reader friendly and will offer so much more.

Monday’s are Book Review days. It is normal for me to read about 2 eBooks a week plus I am currently reading the twilight series with my daughter.( We are still on book 1.)

So on Monday’s I’ll review a book or more I read that week and give my thoughts on it. Some will be good but I don’t promise that they all will.

Wednesday’s will be the special post days.

In Feb we have my blog series: Press Send. Follow me through what made me decide to go with e-publishing to the release of a book. And all the stuff between!!! Oh and at the end of the series I will be giving away a free book to one lucky commenter!

In March and April stop by to meet other authors. Every week a new author will post. They will talk about their books, contests, and what they are working on.

During the week I will still continue to update you with what’s going on with my series, releases, and contests.

Woo Hoo, I am so excited!
And you should be too- for my Feb contest I will be giving away a free copy to the winner!
For contest details check my blog, yahoo group, or the competitions on TEB page starting Feb 1st!

And a big shout out to the January contest ( Team Werewolves) winner- Beverrly Davis-Taylor
She received a free copy of Book 1 in the corporate wolves series The Favour.

So be sure to save my blog in your favorites and stop by often- Best way to win free books!

I am going to leave you with a blurb from Pack Territory- Were Chronicles 3 (Coming Feb 22, 2010)



Book three in the Were Chronicles Series
Adam White is the new Alpha in his territory but Tasha Johnson may the one in charge.
As new Alpha of his territory, Adam White has his hands full. He must make the transition to his new role as smooth as possible, which is easier said than done. His father's mental state is worrisome, a teenage girl has run away, and the woman of his dreams is helping with the search.
Tasha knows the last thing the new Alpha needs is to look for her missing sister. Desperate, she goes to him and asks for his help anyway. As they leave their territory behind and travel to the city, she has more than just her runaway sister on her mind. Adam has taken a hold of her thoughts and fantasies.
With so much happening around them, can two fated mates find one another and leave the world behind? If only for a few stolen erotic moments.
Crissy Smith
Romance on the 'WILD' side...


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