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Some ‘Better-Late-Than-Never’ New Year’s Resolutions

Hello. We’re Keane Daniels and Rayche Marquette from Indulge Me by Kaenar Langford. Our story, which will be released soon as a stand-alone and in audio, is part of the Naughty Nooners male/male anthology. Kaenar asked if she could post our photo and we told her it was okay. So here we are.

Kaenar also asked us to share our New Year’s Resolutions with you and we said we’d be delighted to do that. Sorry, we really got carried away, but we hope you like them and the photos Kaenar chose to go with them. Hope all your resolutions are good ones, and ones you want to keep.

Keane and Rayche’s Resolutions for 2010:

  1. Spend more time with friends.

  1. Hire someone to do those home renovations we’ve been putting off.

  1. Take the new guy in the office out for lunch.

  1. Take skiing lessons.

  1. Help out a local farmer.

  1. Support local firefighters. Buy a calendar.

  1. Take a weekend survival course.

  1. Learn to surf.

  1. Welcome our new neighbour by asking him over for dinner.

  1. Now that we have a new mechanic, be better about taking the car in for regular maintenance.

  1. Take time for meditation.

  1. Eat better.

  1. Drink more water.

  1. Only one cup of coffee per day.

  1. Read more.

  1. Take more time to relax in the tub.

  1. Check out a new club.

  1. Buy some leathers.

  1. Wash the car more often.

  1. And our last resolution. Spend more time at the gym.

I hope you enjoyed Keane and Rayche’s resolutions. Check out their story, Indulge Me, in Naughty Nooners. They spend their lunch hour at the largest, most luxurious gay spa in Toronto. Anything can happen there. And does!

Here’s a blurb for Indulge Me:

Keane Daniels has received an anonymous note summoning him to Indulgence, one of the largest gay spa and bathhouses in Toronto. Since he's in unrequited lust with his boss, Keane thinks a clandestine tryst might just take his mind off his gorgeous colleague.

Rayche Marquette has wanted Keane since hiring him, but being his boss means Keane's off limits...until Rayche decides he can wait no longer and reserves the Wet Area of the spa so the two of them can spend a Naughty Nooner together.

Rayche and Keane meet in the elegant shower area, but when Keane discovers the sender of the note is his boss, his reaction is not what Rayche expects. Keane rebuffs him, thinking the lunch hour adventure is a lark for Rayche, a meaningless liaison. For Keane, that can never be enough with this man. How can he convince Rayche to turn their Naughty Nooner into a lifetime commitment?

Make sure you take a peek at Kaenar Unkovered, a new feature in the Total-E-Bound monthly newsletter. Each edition I’ll take you behind the scenes of places and events I go to for research. In January we attend the largest, single fetish night in the world and who knows where we’ll end up in February. You’ll have to pop by and see.



Kaenar Langford

Tales to seduce and entice…


Armenia said...

Wow!!! I just loved your post, and of course, great pics to go along with your resolutions.

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Resolutions like no other.
It's so early in the morning for me to be all fired up.
Now I have to go read your books!

Crissy said...

Great post! I enjoyed reading it. Just a little bit to brightin the day!

Crissy Smith

Lisabet Sarai said...

We can always rely on you for a spicy pick-me-up,hon...

Gorgeous pictures and indeed, worthy resolutions!


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