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Surprised by what turns me on!

Recommending poses for covers has been...she said, without pun, an eye-opening experience for me.
How so?
Well, as I search photos of men, and men and women, and menage pix, I have learned all of the following AND BEEN SHOCKED at what my private collection now shows me about my taste:
1. I like men with tattoos. Not a lot of art, please, but enough, babe, just enough to make me lick my lips.
Example given here.
2. I like really beefy men. Guys who have that mile-wide shoulder and biceps to them and veins! GOD, do I love veins! On MANY parts of the body. Chests, legs and yes, between them.
3. I always thought I liked blonds. But not lately. Since writing romantica, I prefer to be stopped in my tracks by more dark, deep and devilish looking men. Or perhaps I just have not found the ultimate blond man who can rock my world.
4. I stop, look and listen to my body when I see a pix of two men together. And then I find I go back to imagine what kind of story goes with that.
Sooo useful for the Inspiration!
Want to come tell me what you know about your tastes in sex partners from what you like to look at?
I would LOVE to hear!
Hope you will enjoy my latest at TEB, AT HER SERVICE, a medieval starring a dark, delicious man!


Genella deGrey said...

Hi Cerise -
Fun post!
I find that I like a range of different guys with any color skin & eyes, but the four things guys that do it for me have in common are:
1) Smart
2) Tall
3) Well built/healthy body
4) A great smile


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Cerise,

I'm turned on more by faces than bodies. I definitely don't like the overly-muscled veiny types, though. Give me someone who is built like a dancer, not a boxer. Dark hair, definitely (not that there aren't exceptions!) Intelligence (or at least looking intelligent ;^)) is essential.

I also like longer hair most of the time. The very short styles don't appeal to me at all. Guess it's because I grew up in the sixties LOL!


Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Genella, I agree that there is nothing like a great conversationalist, wit and wisdom to make a man very appealing.
I like 'em ARTICULATE!
And built.

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Faces intrigue me, too.
Expressive eyes, mouth. Men--most men--say less than women. They are brief and bolder. So what the face says is vital to the total communication!