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Wow, I'm in a Book Club

Last night was my first introduction to a book club. Granted, I've been reading my entire life, and I've been writing (seriously) for five years. But this is the first time I've been invited to join a book club.

I met a friend of a friend at a party a week ago and low and behold, she runs a book club. My friend blabbed that I write, and thus I found myself invited to participate.

I was nervous, but I went anyway. No, we didn't discuss my books. We spent the night at a nice restaurant and had a "get acquainted" meeting. The great part was that this book club is fairly new, as the woman starting it broke off from another club that spent most of their time drinking and not talking books. And last night, aside from getting to know the others, we talked books. I was in heaven.

Now these people aren't romance readers, per se. And I'm a voracious romance reader. But reading outside my comfort zone, taking in new genres and styles, will be good for me. So I'm in. Still, I had read several of the books some of the others mentioned, and it turned into a really good time. I can't wait until the next meeting. And bonus: the woman who started it really wanted to read my work, so she downloaded a book right there to her Kindle. Cross your fingers I'm still invited to the next meeting after she reads it. *grin*

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Ayla Ruse said...

Book clubs can be fantastic as long as it's a pretty "open" group, which it sounds like yours is. The plus side is that you are encouraged to read out of your comfort zone which actually makes coming back home to romance a loving and refreshing reunion. Enjoy it! Ayla Ruse

Marie Harte said...

Thanks, Ayla! I look forward to the group.