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And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

My monthly writing group posted a challenge to its members, a modified version of NaNoWriMo. We called ours, Winter NaNo, and changed the requirements slightly. The original NaNo in November requires 50K words in the month of 30 days. Our version was 40K words between our January and February meetings, which turned out to be 5 weeks. Of those that completed the challenge, three names were drawn to win a $25 gift certificate to Barnes & Nobles. FREE BOOKS! Luv it!

In November, I passed on participating in NaNo. I didn't think it was fair to put my family through my writer's madness so close to the holidays. But this January, I was ready to plow through the words and develop consistency during the dark winter months of January and February. (I live in Michigan. It's dark and cold and snowy with no sunshine.) And the shorter word count felt very doable in a stretching sort of way.

So, I embarked on this challenge with the goal to write 1200 words per day. I really only needed 1143 words per day, but I like round numbers. It was a great way to force myself to get my butt in the chair and my fingers on the keyboard everyday. Consistency has never been a strong point of mine. I'm much more of an all-or-nothing girl, but I liked seeing the word count piling up on a regular basis. Of course, there were days when the word count was 0, but only 8 out of 35 days, which is a huge improvement for me. I averaged writing more than 5 days per week for 5 weeks.

I finished the challenge last Thursday, 2 days early, and knew I would need a few days off to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. And shop with the gift certificate I won! Now it is Monday morning, and time to get back to work because I have stories to finish.

Speaking of finishing!

My editor has accepted Book 3 of my Gifts of Desire series. The Anniversary Present will be released in July, complete with a happily-after-all ending for my American and British couples.

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Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

I do love the practice of timed writings--and goals to go with them! Makes you VERY productive!