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Contest: Naked Ambition

February has always been synonomous to me as the month of love.

What is more romantic than Valentine's Day? Than cupid shooting his love-tipped darts into would-be lovers everywhere?

My cousin was married on Valentine's Day, a favorite day for couples to marry. Much better than my anniversary which falls on or so close to the Super Bowl my hubby and I have to celebrate on another day.

And February 8th holds not just one, but two amazing celebrations for me this year. My son's birthday is February 8th and now so is my book's birthday. "Naked Ambition" in Total-E-Bound's Homecoming Valentine's series will release this Monday, February 8th.

In honor of Valentine's Day and also in honor of my soon to be released book "Naked Ambition", I'm going to give away two free download copies of my book.

How to enter?

Leave a comment on this blog post today or on my blog and February 7th telling me what your perfect Valentine's Day date would be. My blog is:


Retweet the following tweet on Twitter using the hashtag #NakedAmbition

"Win a download copy of Ashley Ladd's Valentine's erotic romance Naked Ambition. RT to enter before Feb 7th" #NakedAmbition

The Prize

When will the winners be picked?

I'll pick the winners Sunday night February 7, 2010. I'll announce them both on Twitter and here on my blog.

What my favorite Valentine's Day would be

I'll get the ball rolling. My idea of a perfect Valentine's Day would be a romantic candlelit dinner for two outside under the moonlight with some snuggling and slow dancing. Then I'd like to see a romantic movie with my sweetie. If you know my hubby, please feel free to tell him.

Ali James will do anything to raise her orphaned sister and finish medical school, even work as a topless waitress.

Ali James is determined to finish medical school and cure cancers like the one that killed her mother. She's also determined to raise her trouble-making teenage sister. As if it's not hard enough to juggle all this and her job as a topless waitress, her ex-fiancé comes back to town and makes it plain he's still sore she chose her career over him and that he very much disapproves her of job.

Excerpt: Naked Ambition

“You’re okay by the grace of God. If I hadn’t been here, you could be dead.” Cliff faced off against her and narrowed his eyes.

They were dark and inscrutable but the set of his lips and his flared nostrils told her he was pissed. Not that he had any right—he’d given that up when he’d dumped her on Valentine’s Day four years ago.

“Hello to you, too,” she drawled and squared her shoulders. “I never expected you to darken my door again. What brings you back to town?”

His glance slid around the room then dwelled on Timmy who stood by her as if he was her personal bodyguard. “This isn’t the place and I’ll be the one asking the questions. I need you to go to the station.”

Frankie appeared out of nowhere. His face was red and blustery and he seethed. “You can’t take her. She did nothing wrong. I’ll be short a waitress if she leaves.”

Cliff looked Frankie up and down with disdain. “I need to get her official statement.”

He turned his back on Frankie and looked at her again. “Did you bring decent clothes with you? Change and come with me.”

She bristled. Did he think so little of her that she’d drive across town in this scandalous costume? “Of course.”

Even though she wasn’t eager to spend time with the holier-than-thou cop, she wanted out of this place more. She didn’t feel safe and was too shaky to continue her shift.

When she rejoined her ex, she returned his t-shirt. For a moment she was sorry he had to cover his awesome chest. Then she chastised herself for such a random, out-of-place thought. She had no intention of seeing this man naked again, much less any intention of seeing him after he finished with her statement. “Can we hurry this up?”

When she went to get into her car, he grabbed her elbow. “You’re coming with me. We’ll send someone back for your car.”

Aghast her jaw dropped. “Am I under arrest? Or do you just not trust me?”

“You’re not under arrest. You’re more like summoned. As far as trusting you, I don’t know. I never expected you to do something so boneheaded. Why are you here?” He opened the passenger door to his unmarked vehicle and waited until she slid in. Then he locked and closed the door.

She quirked a brow and twisted in her seat to glare at him. “If I refuse to go with you, nothing will happen to me?”

“I’ll have to take you into official custody.”

She rolled her eyes and leaned against the seat. “Why were you there? Business?”


She was frustrated when he didn’t elaborate. It was one of the things that had driven her crazy when they’d been together. He’d had so many secrets. He’d been away so many nights without being able to tell her where. “Is this the type of place you were at all those nights you couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me where you were?”

He guffawed and turned into traffic. “Who are you to ask me that? After the way I caught you tonight?”

“Caught me?” The hair on the back of her neck bristled and she gave him the glare of death. “How can you catch me if we’re not together?”


Naked Ambition coming soon from Total-E-Bound

Don't miss my Valentine's Day M/M romance released last year, also available at Total-E-Bound "Secret Admirer".
Happy Valentine's Day!


Tamsyn said...

My perfect Valentine's Day would be to go away with hubby to a small inn in the mountains and spend the day there. :o)

vslavetopassionv said...

My perfect valentine's day celebration will be with my partner. We'll have a candle lit dinner and maybe go dancing. :)


Ashley Ladd said...

Both wonderful Valentine's Day dates. I hope you both get your wish. Maybe I'll borrow one or both ideas as well, although we're way too far away from any mountains to drive there in one day.

You're both entered in my contest. Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Ashley,

You've done a great job with building the conflict here. I love the heroine already.

My perfect Valentine's Day? Okay, I'll be a bit different. My perfect day would be to go to an erotic Valentine's Day costume party--with my DH of course. We'd dress up as Eros and Psyche, with strategically draped Greek robes revealing quite a bit of flesh... We'd admire the other costumes and meet new people. Lots of flirting and innuendo, slow dancing, wine--but then we'd go home together and share our fantasies.



What a fun fantasy, Lisabet. Maybe I can throw a costume Valentine's Day party so we can do something similar. :)


Thanks everybody for entering my contest to win Naked Ambition.

And the winners are: Tamsyn and @teka_cideon (on Twitter). Please contact me so I can email the pdf version of the book to you. :)