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Here...kind of.

Well, I actually remembered my blog day this month, which means I'm doing better than last month!

Things have been hectic here. Sick kids, snowy weather (I live in Minnesota and well, it's snowy and cold!). Just when I thought we were past it all--well the sick kids part, I wasn't delusional enough to think we were past the cold weather!--we got hit again in our house. My oldest (who just turned 13, btw...yeah I cried) has been home from school with a cough. Even with notes from a couple docs who assure that the cough is not flu-related and is not contagious, the school won't keep him there because it's distracting. *sigh* Luckily he is very diligent and keep up with his school work despite this kind of stuff.

One of my daughters and I have been feeling a bit under the weather. I thought I was just run down--you know, sleepless or near sleepless nights etc. Well it's developed into full blow throat and ear pain so we are off to the docs today to see what's what. :(

Is it this way in your life too? The when it rains it pours syndrome? It always feels that way to me. Of course I have four kids so when a sickness hits us, it usually hangs out for a while making the rounds, but really, I've had enough icky sickies to last the next several years.

Here is some healthy thoughts and vibes sent your way... Send some this way, if you can because we sure can use it!


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