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Ice cream, stories and heart.

All Romance Ebooks is running a month of releases where ALL the profits from each book go to the American Heart Association. This means every title you buy is essentially a donation to this incredibly good cause. How great is that? You buy yourself a hot little story and help to protect people's heart's all through America and the World over.

Well from tomorrow you will be able to purchase my 28 Days of Heart story from ARE and it is called Vanilla with Extra nuts and here's the blurb:

She was just a vanilla girl until she found her perfect toppings...

Megan was slowly falling in love with Adam and was devastated to hear he was also sleeping with a man behind her back. When she confronts Adam she finds her lust for him over-riding her reticence.

When she makes a secret fantasy come true and goes to bed with both Adam and his lover at the same time, vanilla Megan has to decide. Can she come to terms with this unusual relationship?

Vanilla with Extra Nuts
will cost you just $2.50 and if you pop on over to this page and scroll to the bottom you can read a hot little excerpt to enjoy while you wait for the books release!

And because I am so terribly kind and good natured here is something that is good for your heart. A completely free Blisse eBook!

Summer Exposure will not only get your heart racing it will warm you up on this cold, winter's day as it's a hot little tale of exhibitionism that finishes with a hot climax.

Remember be good to your heart and it will be good to you.

See you again next month here at Hitting the hotspot.


Anonymous said...

Just read the excerpt. Fantastic scene. Can't wait to read the rest.



Anonymous said...
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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Victoria,

I love the title and the blurb. Thank you for supporting a great cause!