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Keeping it Real

One of the biggest things with me is keeping it real. Being false takes to much time, energy and nosy being you will shine through. I don’t have time for it. Don’t surround myself with it. So what you see is what you get. This keeping it real extends to my reading choices and my own writing.

No matter if it is a sci fi, paranormal, contemporary or any genre in between making your characters believable is what I look for in a book and in my own writing. They could for example do many wondrous things with a wave of their finger but make sure that at their core they are real. I’ve had a discussion with a few friends of mine concerning paranormal, sci fi and other genres which feature characters that may not be human. Simply put “they are human with extras” which in my opinion means they feel the same emotionally as any human does. They are looking for love as we do. They cry as we do when needed and all that. They are real.

Yes they may have the power to control things around them or fight to the bitter end. But that one moment when they show their real side that emotional moment will get me every time. My favorite emotional moments in books is when an author can bring me to tears. And I’ll admit that I enjoy writing scenes in my novels that I know will make a reader cry. It can be tears of joy or going for the emotional jugular. Grabbing you in that place where that deep well of emotion is and touching a cord in you that makes the eyes burn, the breath hic up then the tears fall. Yeah I know I’m strange but it is real.

Share some scenes or books that came across as real to you or brought some sort of emotion that caught you and you remember.

Taige Crenshaw
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