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A Salute to the Uniform

Happy February! This month we celebrate several national holidays. We have the birthday of two presidents, pay tribute to prophetic rodent and celebrate love. I spent this past weekend with the soldiers of the National Guard. Now, I've always supported our troops, but being locked in a building with hundreds of men and women who voluntarily serve to protect our country has given me new appreciation and insights to their strength of character. I've never been called Ma'am in such a respectful manner, so many times. Some of you may have seen the following poem, but I believe it bares repeating. I've always been a firm believer in whether or not you support the cause, always respect the soldier. I've embedded in this post images of soldiers throughout U.S. history. It is with a heartfelt admiration that I say THANK YOU to all the men and women-past, present and future-who serve our country, and their families for their sacrifices and dedication.

A Soldier
by Angela Goodwin

There is discipline in A Soldier
can see it when he walks,
There is honor in A Soldier
you hear it when he talks.

There is courage in A Soldier
you can see it in his eyes,
There is loyalty in A Soldier
that he will not compromise.
There is something in A Soldier
that makes him stand apart,
There is strength in A Soldier
that beats from his heart.

A Soldier isn't a title any man
can be hired to do,
A Soldier is the soul of that man
buried deep inside of you.

A Soldier's job isn't finished after

an 8 hour day or a 40 hour week,
A Soldier is always A Soldier
even while he sleeps.

A Soldier serves his country first
and his life is left behind,
A Soldier has to sacrifice what
comes first in a civilian's mind.

If you are civilian -
I am saying this to you.....

next time you see A Soldier
remember what the
y do.
A Soldier is the reason our land
is 'Home of the free',
A Soldier is the one that is brave
protecting you and me.

If you are A Soldier -
I am saying this to you.....

Thank God for what YOU do!


Devon Rhodes said...

Thanks for putting together a great photo montage to go with your post. As a military brat (Dad was career Naval officer--close to 30 years), I have always had a warm place in my heart for military men and women. Especially men. :) And yes, it goes beyond how good they look in uni.

Missed you today!

Susilien said...


Thank you for this tribute. It is very beautiful. We civilians who love our Soldiers need to be reminded how much they do for us.

Thank you to all of our Military Men & Women stationed World Wide.

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