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Spicing Up your Week.

Hi Everyone, I know you're expecting to see Marie Haynes today but unfortunately she's unable to make it so you're stuck with me instead!

So today we're getting spicy and sweet because on Wednesday 10th February my story Spiced Vanilla from the Night of the Senses Anthology is released in Audio book!

If you pop over to the Spiced Vanilla Audio Book page you can listen to a little teaser from the very beginning of the story. I can tell you it's a real thrill to hear someone reading out my story and also a little weird for me as I'm used to hearing it in my own voice and my accent. I'm digging the Audion Book Lady though, she's got a great voice.

So, you can listen to Spiced Vanilla as you're doing your housework to give yourself a little pick me up in the midst of domestic drudgery or listen to the audio book as you're exercising and let it's spicy nature help you work up a hearth thumping sweat, it's all good.

So, give me some other examples where listening to an audio book is easier/better than reading print or eBook? The most imaginative suggestion will get a free Blisse eBook of their choice!


Beth said...

I've had a couple of MRIs in recent years. They offer you music to listen to during the scan. It would be fun to be able to listen to a book instead. Much more distracting than music, to take your mind off that big machine.
Would have been good after my back surgery too. Was so uncomfortable for the first day or two that it actually hurt to lay in a position where I could hold a book to read. And trust me, hours in a hospital bed with nothing to think about but the pain, so not fun.

Genella deGrey said...

Listening to an audio book while exercising is a great idea! Heck, I'd *never* get off the treadmill!