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Bi Now, Gay Later

Hi everyone,

I have a new book coming out week Monday from Total-e-bound. I’m not sure how this one is going to be received, but I’m really excited about it.

Bi Now, Gay Later is a Male/Male, BDSM erotic romance. It’s the fifth book in the Perfect Timing collection, but since all the books in the collection are only linked by theme, they can all be read as standalone titles too.

Here’s the blurb:

Can a bi submissive really find happiness with a master who doesn't believe bisexuality exists?

Jerry would be Denton's ideal submissive - if only he would just get his last foot out of the closet and admit he's properly gay. Denton loves Jerry, but he knows it's a master's responsibility to make sure his submissive doesn't lie to himself or the rest of the world. He can't let Jerry hide behind the bi-sexual label forever.

Jerry has no doubt that he's one-hundred percent bi-sexual. He's also well aware how much his master hates that fact. Jerry loves his master and he wants to please him, but he can't lie and say he's gay when he knows he's not. Denton would be Jerry's ideal master, if he could just accept the fact he's bi.Eventually, somebody's going to have to give in and admit he's wrong. The only question is who?

And here’s a quick excerpt from close to the start of the book:

Denton took his coat from his submissive. By the time he shrugged his shoulders and felt his leather jacket settle comfortably around his body, he was already on his way out of the club. Jerry seemed taken off guard by his sudden departure. He was still pulling his smaller jacket on when he caught up with him at the door to the club.

If Phillips’ lover had been anything other than a perfectly unobjectionable submissive, Denton knew he would have latched on to Jerry’s conversation with him as an excuse. As it was, he gave no reason for the tight grip he took on his pet’s wrist as they stepped into the night air.

Striding briskly across the car park, he only just shortened his stride enough to let Jerry’s shorter legs keep pace with him. As they stopped by his car, Denton heard the change in his submissive’s breathing as it sped up in anticipation. The younger man had obviously recognised his master’s altered mood and what it meant. His pulse fluttered faster under Denton’s grip around his wrist. He glanced up at his master, waiting for the first order, for the scene to start in earnest.


Denton let go of his wrist and stepped in front of him, shielding him from the sight of anyone else who might choose that moment to leave the club. Jerry didn’t even glance toward the club door before he shrugged his jacket back off. All his attention was focused on his master. Knowing that soothed Denton’s instinct to display his possession of his lover a fraction, but it wasn’t near enough to quell it.

Jerry looked to him for further instruction. Denton held out a hand to receive the jacket. The moment his hands were free, Jerry reached for the hem of his long sleeve t-shirt. Pulling the thin material over his head, he folded it neatly and handed it over. Lowering himself to each knee in turn, his pet began to pull his boots and socks off.

Denton managed to look away from his lover for long enough to scan the rough concrete and check there was nothing on the ground that might cut his feet, but his focus reverted entirely to Jerry as the younger man gave up his footwear to his master. Without any sign of doubt or hesitation, Jerry’s hand went to his fly. The black denim was soon pushed down, taking his boxers with them. He folded and surrendered them without comment.

As Denton studied him, a shiver ran through the younger man’s body. If Denton was any judge, that had far more to do with nervous excitement than the cool air filling the car park. Jerry was already starting to harden very pleasingly for his master.

Opening the car door, Denton tossed his pet’s clothes onto the back seat. Slamming the door again, he turned back to his lover and looked him over very slowly. A simple hand gesture ordered the submissive to turn around.

“Hands on the back of your head.”

Jerry raised his hands and laced his fingers on the back of his head, presenting himself for a thorough inspection as he made another slow revolution in front of his master.

Only a tiny patch of Jerry’s skin was hidden from him now, that little strip that lay under his collar. Denton tucked his fingers under the black leather and ran his knuckles all the way around Jerry’s neck so no bit of him remained unexamined, untouched by his master’s hands or eyes .

A door banged behind them. Men called to each other, laughing and yelling their goodbyes as they left the club. Jerry looked up and met Denton’s eyes, making a point of not looking at the other men, of not trying to work out if he was exposed to them or not.

A sweet little blush crept to his cheeks, but his hands stayed on the back of his head while Denton kept his fingers tucked under his collar and held his gaze.

Somewhere at the other end of the car park, someone started a car and drove away. A minute later another car drove off. Denton kept Jerry standing there as silence filled the air once more, daring him to object, to look away, to do anything other than follow his master’s orders.

He waited for any sign of weakness from his submissive, any hint of disobedience. He searched for any indication that Jerry didn’t belong to him in every way one man could belong to another, that he didn’t trust him to take complete and perfect care of any man under his protection.

“May I serve you, master?” Jerry asked softly, his eyes flickering here and there as he searched Denton’s face for any indication of how he could please him.

A man couldn’t find sign of disobedience where it didn’t exist. Denton nodded, just once, allowing his submissive a tiny moment of praise before he opened the front passenger side door. “Get in. Keep your hands where they are.”

Jerry got carefully into the seat, his hands still glued to his scalp. Denton slammed the car door and quickly strode around to his own side of the vehicle.

Sliding in behind the driver’s seat he spared a quick glance at his submissive, debating the merits of letting Jerry move his hands to do up his seatbelt, over doing the job himself.

The question faded from his mind as the brief glance turned into a more detailed study. He looked his pet over very slowly, taking in every gorgeous detail.

It was always easier to smile at Jerry’s persistent inclination toward modesty in public when they were alone, when he’d been stripped down to be admired in private. There was a part of him that loved knowing every bit of Jerry’s body belonged to him and no one else, that no one else even got to look at him. But, for once, abstract knowledge of possession wasn’t enough to satisfy him. As pretty as they were, displays of physical possession didn’t feel like enough, either.

“Legs wider,” he ordered, automatically correcting his lover’s posture while he searched his mind for something, anything, that might fix the uncontrolled spiral of emotions whirling inside him.

Jerry spread his knees as far apart as he could while still allowing room for his master to change gears once they set off. Denton looked him over again. His pet had hardened further. His erection was starting to rise and curve back towards his stomach. Denton nodded to himself, pleased that Jerry was so quick to enjoy a scene that was far more to his master’s taste than his own.

“Mouth open.”

Jerry licked his lips and parted them slightly.

Fully exposed, fully accessible, offering himself freely to his master to do with as he pleased, he looked just as fantastic a submissive as Denton knew he was. It wasn’t fair to treat him as if he was anything less than that, just because he was annoyed with a situation that was just as much his fault as Jerry’s. If he wanted him to be perfect, it was his job as the master in their relationship to see that his pet came out of the closet properly.

Thanks for reading!

Bi Now, Gay Later will be out from Total-e-bound on Monday April 5th.

Kim Dare.
Kink, love and a happy ending. Do you Dare?


Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations on the release, Kim!

Talk about perfect timing - your blog day and your release coinciding is a happy coincidence.


elaineg0707 said...

I love this series Kim....can't wait to read the new one...congrats!