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Facing Reality

Have you ever been completely caught up in a fantasy only to have real life come crashing down on your head?

Yeah, me too.

Mr. Graham and I just returned from a spring break vacation where we met up with friends from another part of the States. I had fantasies of gloriously hot, sunny days to deepen my skin to a glowing bronze and to add shiny, golden highlights to my hair. In reality, we saw the sun less than half the time we were there, and it only warmed up one day. Two of the days we were drenched with downpours and threatened with tornadoes.

I imagined getting lots of "girl time" alone with my friend when we would giggle and gossip and grouse about our lives. Instead, we were forever stuck with our hubbies at our sides, which isn't a bad thing, but getting some "girl time" would have been nice, too. My visiting time was also cut short by getting sick 4 out of the 7 nights we were away, leaving me weak and nauseous the next day.

So, now I am back home, and instead of feeling rested and happy and sunburned. I am exhausted, depressed and pale.

Can I get a do-over?

I would love to hear when reality came crashing down on your fantasy. Misery loves company, and all that.



victoriablisse said...

Awww, no tale to share here, just sympathy. Take care of yourself!

elaineg0707 said...

I totally specific tale, just seems like every time I PLAN or EXPECT a vacation to go a certain way...well, let's just say disappointment is the norm. So now I just go into everything with extremely low to no expectations, and voila! I am happy with what I get. Sad but true.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Ah, Suzanne,

So sorry the getaway didn't turn out as you hoped. Weather in particular is not something you can really count on, anywhere!

I think that Elaine has the right idea. Don't go into things with an expectation of a bad time--just let things happen and see the good that comes out.