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The Game is On

Did you meet Lisa, Mike and Jake in Interlude and Intermission? Then you'll want to enjoy their next adventure in which their group really expands. And the Game is On!
Brothers Mark and Jake had introduced Lisa Graham to more acts of eroticism than she’d ever fantasized about. Now they had invited her on a picnic, where everyone was nude, the main activity was a game of multiple partners, and she tumbled into new whirlpools of erotic sex. What would be next on the list?
Some people might have thought the weather an uncertain mixture, sunshine mixed with rain. But for Lisa Graham it was absolutely perfect. The rain brought Mark, the sunshine brought Jake, and today she was headed for a new experience with both of them. She wondered how she’d sustained herself on the days when neither type of weather was present. Other men had no appeal for her at all, and using the toys alone had lost its thrill. After the erotic experiences the two brothers had introduced her to, her body craved more all the time—more arousal, more eroticism, more acts from her wildest fantasies.
She had spent a long time on her bath this morning, soaking in the bubbles and bath salts then smoothing lotion onto every single inch of her body. Yesterday, she’d visited a spa that did Brazilian wax jobs, and her cunt was as naked at the day she’d been born. She touched herself as she rubbed cream on her labia, letting her finger rub slowly over her clit, but doing it alone had totally lost its thrill.
Mark and Jake had explained that a car would call for her at noon. She was to wear absolutely nothing and bring all of her toys with her. She’d packed them carefully in a tote bag that now sat by the front door, but she was still nervous about walking out of the house stark naked.
Oh, well. She mentally shrugged. It couldn’t be much different than letting Mark undress her at Interlude in front of the entire clientele or carry her around the room so everyone could see and touch her pussy. Little had she known the night she ducked in for a drink to get out of the rain that Interlude was actually an intimate bar where people left their sexual inhabitations at the door. Somehow she had let Mark coax her that evening into sexual play that others could see. To perform for the crowd. But what really startled her was how much she enjoyed it and how she’d craved it after that one night.
But Mark was only there when it rained and Jake when the sun shone. Today was a special circumstance, and one she’d looked forward to so avidly her pussy was constantly wet. She reminded herself that she could call a halt to this at any time, but she didn’t want to. An erotic demon had been unleashed inside her, and she was ravenous to discover what would happen next.
A glance at the clock told her she had the better part of an hour before her ride would arrive. To calm her sudden attack of nerves, she grabbed her favourite white wine from the fridge and poured a glass for herself. Settling on the couch, she sipped on the chilled liquid, savouring its crisp taste then leaned back her head, letting the alcohol do its work. In just moments, she felt more relaxed and actually once more anticipated the coming afternoon.
The doorbell rang just as clock in the hall struck twelve, jarring her from her lethargy.
“Just a minute,” she called, hurrying to carry her wine glass into the kitchen.
Taking one last look at her hair and makeup in the hall mirror, she pulled the front door wide open.
The man standing on her front porch had to be at least sixty years old but age had not diminished his physical condition or his masculine aura. Electric blue eyes looked out at her from beneath a thick head of iron-grey hair.
“Miss Graham?” he asked politely.
“Yes. That’s me.”
He held out a hand. “Shall we go?”
Although his eyes took in every detail of her body, he didn’t appear to react in any other way to her nudity. He ushered her into the backseat of the waiting car, placing her tote bag on the seat beside her. Her eyes widened when he pulled a silk scarf from his pocket.


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