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A Great Promo

A while back I saw the most interesting promo gimmick that stuck with me.
Let me set the scene. I was walking out of the subway to go to get breakfast before I went to work. As I reached my favorite breakfast spot I had to stop and blink to make sure I was seeing clearly. I even took off my glasses and wiped them to make sure. When I put them on I realized I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

In front of me were two men and a woman in yellow spandex with red briefs outside and face masks. They were dressed as a super person. Now see in NY where I live you see a lot of interesting things. What left me flabbergasted about this sight is the temperature. It was between 20-30 degrees. I was dressed in my warmest coat, gloves, hat, scarves and enough layers to keep warm.

These super people had nothing on but spandex and a little light cape that did nothing to get them warm. The woman was shivering yet she was still promoting what she was there to do. They were giving out tote bags and hocking the wares the company they were promoting was selling. Talk about commitment.

Promo at it’s finest. I’ll remember what they were selling just because of the startling fact they were not dressed for cold and still kept a smile on their face while they were doing it. So my hats off to the super people.

A memorable promo is something that sticks with those you are trying to reach.

Taige Crenshaw
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