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Interesting Shopping Question

Ladies, most of you I’d assume shop for lingerie according to your personal tastes with “some” thought to what your partner may or may not like. But I wondered recently, how was I shopping? Like a man, or a woman?

When I buy dress shirts, socks, slacks, another utilikilt, I’m buying the clothes for two reasons. One, I probably need the wardrobe upgrade. Two, chances are that I look really ravishing in black. But I’m not afraid to spend money on high quality men’s clothes that will last me half a century.

Women’s clothing on the other hand, particularly lingerie I’m finding is a little harder to buy. And I can’t exactly go into Victoria’s Secret and try on clothes; they tend to frown on that especially as I AM a man. There is to my knowledge, one place I can buy shoes here in San Francisco that carries them in my size, but they also carry clothes for the transgendered and for strippers.

It’s odd to describe my shopping habits but it’s not like I haven’t talked about this before LOL! When I look for lingerie I need it to be functional, as in cover up all the bits I want covered up. I don’t have breasts but I have the added lower extremity… So something that provides lift isn’t going to look right on me.

However, I’m not afraid of frills or pink despite my alpha chest beating tirades I occasionally go on. My favorite pair of panties is a black and hot pink pair of boyshorts.

I like slimming clothes, feminine clothes, but don’t see the point in sheer or mesh. At least not on me, and actually not on most women either. Don’t get me wrong, I love the nude female figure but either show me all, hint at it or cover it up seductively! The same goes with my image as a cross dresser.

The chemise I bought last summer came with a thong and choker, and while I don’t see the point of the lace choker, I thought I was getting a good deal for the price I paid! (I think around $25 total) so is that bargain shopping using logic, or is that being cheap? LOL!

I came across a teddy recently that I really liked, but could never wear as it didn’t justify the cost. The fabric looked really cute, sexy and would actually look good on me, but A: it didn’t come in my size and more importantly, I figured on a real woman the potential for it to get damaged was highly likely due to extra activities that would *cough* destroy the goods. So, again, am I being practical or cheap?

I know when it comes to underwear I’m being practical. Some of the cutest thongs would look HORRIBLE on me, because of the…extended bits. Frankly, I don’t see the point of wearing dental floss over your naughty parts but to each his own and I’ll admit being a wolf here and enjoying that sight.

Then there’s the question of whether my partner will think what I bought is cute and sexy on me. My girlfriend says she hopes I didn’t spend an arm and a leg on my chemise. She’s right in the regard that I didn’t, but I’ve looked at what her clothes cost and have to scratch my head. I also know better than to ask her directly what the difference is. That’s just asking for trouble!

I don't buy bras, just no need. And I won't buy cheap thigh highs OR a cheap garter belt anymore. And this lesson in shoes from DragonCon 2001 has taught meto buy good quality high heels (read: not stripper shoes) that will serve to walk on concrete as well as carpet.

But when it comes to longer things like dresses, gowns, chemises, etc, I have to ask one last time. What gender am I shopping for when I shop for the female in me?


elaineg0707 said...

What a great question a wonderfully rounded (read:finally comfortable with my weight) woman, I USED to buy clothes that fit...period. Finally after 20 years with my husband, I think I have transformed into a woman who buys clothes that I think will make HIM think I look good. I finally actually buy lingerie and sexy things, in the hope HE will appreciate the effort *winks*....which he always my answer is that I shop for him....mostly lol!

Anonymous said...
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