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March Makes Me Hot!!

So supposedly spring is just around the corner and I have some exciting news to share with you this month. In addition to looking forward to warmer weather I have some hot new stories for your enjoyment. First, in the TEB newsletter this month there is a free story by yours truly! If you click on the Hot-Shot link you'll find the tale of two foster brothers who's love gives them the family they've always craved. Secondly, I have a new single title book being released on March 8th! This is my first male/male novel and the two characters, Robert & Justin, are will at turns make you laugh, sweat, and maybe shed a few tears. I've posted the blurb and excerpt for your enjoyment below. Welcome Spring and Happy Reading!!!


Robert Lansing is at the top of his game in the competitive arena of mixed martial arts. He has a loving and supportive family, but no one to call his own. Justin Floyd has no family and a number of 'friends'. When they cross paths their engines rev and sparks fly. Love and lust unite these two men searching for that which completes them. Has the search ended or will it all backfire?


Robert glanced around inside the garage for Justin. Not seeing him, he headed for the office, maybe Justin was talking to Joe or was on the phone. Knocking on the door, he discovered an empty office. No sign of either Joe or Justin. Then he remembered Justin said he lived in the apartment upstairs.

He probably ran up for something.

Robert hadn’t been invited up so he figured it would be best to wait there. He didn’t want to seem too eager. Casually leaning against a work table, he waited. When fifteen minutes went by and there was still no sign of Justin, Robert started to get upset. Justin didn’t seem like the kind of guy to flake out on a commitment, but if Robert was honest he really didn’t know the man. One conversation and a fantasy jerk off session did not an intimate knowledge make. A few minutes later, he heard a car pull up and walked towards the entrance of the garage bay but was disappointed only to see Joe climbing out his car.

“Hey, Robert. You all set to get the new top on?”

“Well, I was, until my helper didn’t show. I guess I can do it myself. I just figured an extra set of hands would be helpful.”

Just then Devil went down to Georgia blared from Joe’s hip. He looked down at his phone. “Hold that thought, it’s Justin. Hello?”

Robert could only hear Joe’s half of the conversation but smiled as Joe walked away. The man had a tendency to wander when using the phone. Robert thought it was funny, but he knew it drove his mom nuts, since she had a bad habit of wanting to overhear conversations. Maybe Joe had developed the habit out of necessity? Robert stood against the side of the building, waiting to hear Justin’s excuse for not showing up. He guessed it would have been smart to exchange phone numbers so they could talk directly, but he’d been afraid that might tempt him to reach out and connect with the man for other reasons.

Joe shut his phone and walked over to where Robert was standing. “He says he’s really sorry for being late. He had a really nasty accident, and it took longer for things to clear up then he anticipated. Well, I have to head home. Your mom is cooking lasagne tonight, and I have no intention of being late for that. Justin said he should be here in about ten minutes.” He jumped in his car and waved as he pulled out of the parking lot.

Robert was still in shock after hearing Justin’s reason for being late. He hadn’t thought to get Joe to clarify before the man took off like a bat out of hell. Shit! Now, he felt terrible about doubting Justin’s integrity. The man was in a car accident for God’s sake, and Joe said it was a nasty one. He hoped Justin wasn’t hurt.

But then they would have taken him to the ER, right?

His car was probably totalled. Robert didn’t know what he drove, but hopefully, it wasn’t an irreplaceable classic.

He’ll probably be taking a cab to get here, or maybe he has a friend driving him?
He paced, anxious to see Justin alive and in one piece. He kept looking down the street for a car or cab that was heading that direction. After several minutes, he realised the pacing was pointless and frustrating. He headed inside to unpack the top and lay it out to prepare for the installation. He had already asked the day guys to strip the old top off the frame to cut down on the installation time tonight. As he finished setting the new rear window, someone came into the shop. When he turned around, instead of seeing Justin’s wide smile, all he saw was the blood covering his shirt.

“Oh my God! Are you okay?” He raced over and grabbed Justin by the shoulders and looked him up and down. He ran his hands up and down Justin’s arms and chest.

“I’m fine. It’s not mine. It belonged to the victim,” Justin said. He took hold of one of Robert’s hands and placed one of his own on the wide expanse of chest before him, flexing his fingers just a little.

Jeez, what an idiot, I am!

He noticed about that same time that he still held Justin’s hand. Letting go quickly, he spun around and tried to compose himself back from the frantic dipshit he just portrayed.

Nothing like being too obvious, Lansing.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realise you had a day job, too. Joe just said you had an accident then took off. I assumed you were in an accident, not working one. So judging from the uniform, I take it you’re an EMT?”

Justin bent down to unzip his duffel and grabbed his garage clothes as he said, “I’ve been a city paramedic for six years. This gig at Joe’s is just a part-time deal. I work three nights a week on whatever project the full-time guys need. I enjoy the work, and the cheap rent is a real bonus. Working on the bus is a rush, but I’m not buying my dream car anytime soon.” He walked towards the office. “I’m going to change real quick then we can get started.”

Robert watched Justin walk into the office then he noticed that the door hadn’t closed all the way. I really shouldn’t go look, I really shouldn’t. Oh who the hell am I kidding, I’m going to look.

Robert crept towards the office in time to see Justin strip the offending shirt over the top of his head, revealing the mouth-watering ridges of his stomach. The delineations of his triceps and biceps bulged as he stretched. Robert swallowed when the navy pants, which had hugged Justin’s hips and ass so perfectly were unzipped and shed. His eyes widened as Justin bent over and removed his briefs. Nothing covered that perfect skin now. Robert wanted to reach out and touch so badly, wanted to grab onto the perfectly round ass and pull their straining cocks together. He craved to clutch the winged trapezius muscles of Justin’s back as Justin sank deep inside him with the impressive package currently on display. Justin bent over to pick up his jeans, awarding Robert with a perfect view of the tight ring guarding his hole. Robert could just imagine what it would feel like around his fingers and cock. The soft, plush, hot channel clenching around him as he stroked deep. He heard a soft groan escape and hoped the sound didn’t carry. He quickly turned away in order to get his cock to calm down before Justin came back out to the shop.


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