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Daydream Zone

One of my favorite things to do when I am having problems with a book is to daydream. One of my spots I like to use to day dream is my living room. I get my blanket, go to my living room, turn off the lights and TV put on some music really low then sit on my couch. I spread my blanket over me, lay my head back and close my eyes. My body relaxes as the music plays and the calm overcomes me. After a few moments I am in the daydream zone.

As my mind wanders I let what I have written so far in my story unfold in my thoughts. As the story goes the part I am stuck on comes up I daydream of various possible scenarios I can take with my story. If the scenario doesn’t work it stalls and I go onto another. When I hit on one that does my mind races with all I need to get back to work. Sometimes it take more than one of my daydream zone moments for me to get over what is giving me issue.

I’ve also been known to fall asleep during those daydream zone moments. LOL. But as I have said before many of my best ideas come from dreams. So if you see me somewhere with my eyes closed I’m working. Yep that’s what I am doing. Hard at work. (grin) Daydreaming or dreaming of my next story.

Taige Crenshaw
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