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Demons are IN

For quite a while, vampires have ruled the roost when it comes to paranormal romance. But the market can only take so many bloodsuckers. It's been coming for quite some time, but I've noticed that demons are the new vamps.

Maybe it's that 2012 is nearing, and folks are thinking hard about predictions of apocalypse and the end of the world. Who knows?

But if you've got a demon, readers are interested. Electronic books and small presses have been doing paranormal and demons for years before mainstream romance presses jumped on board. Used to be that anything dark was automatically considered bad. But the new school of thought seems to be redeemable bad boys. Really bad boys, like the kind that steal blood and souls.

So here's to celebrating "good" demons. A trend that I don't think is going to end anytime soon. And why should it? It's fun.


Nerine Dorman said...

Were they ever out?

Marie Harte said...

Haha. Good point, Nerine. I don't think they were out, per se, but they weren't the popular choice for heroes. Now, seems like every time I turn around, I'm reading about demons saving the world. Weird, but fun.


Lisabet Sarai said...

So, do you have a demon of your own to share with us, Marie?

I love the image!


Marie Harte said...

I have many demons, Lisabet. Unfortunately, most of them involve procrastination, gluttony, and sloth. :) None of which are remotely sexy.