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What's Your Pleasure?

I'm late posting this. I'm sorry. I know I'm late and excuses are useless, even though I DO have excuses. Still - I'm willing reporting my mistake and am perfectly willing to take my just punishment (oh please, Sir, may i have another!)

Hopefully, though, you all won't be too angry with me and will enjoy the following excerpt from my new release - What's Your Pleasure?

Joe put on her business face, “have you thought about the name of this place?”
“I have. And you’re right. We need to change it. I’m just not sure what to change it to,” Vince admitted.
“I’ve got a few ideas if you’d like to hear them,” Joe said with a wicked grin.
Vince sat on a stool and waved his hand for her to continue.
“What do you think of Sexy Shots, Shot of Kink, What’s Your Pleasure or The Cock and Tail?” she asked.
“Interesting. Why?”
“Well, a lot of people are into shots now, and a lot of shots, as well as cocktails, have very sexual names.”

“If we keep the Shots part of the name, it won’t confuse the regulars or change the atmosphere too much. Still, we could play up the sexy part with our specials, redo the d├ęcor, even have sexually themed parties.” The words rolled off her tongue, and Joe paced back and forth as excitement took control of her body.
Vince wanted to interrupt but was mesmerised by her energy.
“If you like Cock and Tails better, that kind of brings in an old world feeling but still implies sex,” she went on. “We could keep Wednesdays as Ladies’ Night but add a few things, like once a month host a sex toy party. Thursday could be lesbian night, Tuesday gay night, Friday for singles and Saturdays for couples.”
“Wait a minute. You mean only let in singles, gays or couples on those nights?” Vince wasn’t sure about that.
“No, no,” she assured him. “Have some drink specials named after those themes. You know, like Sidecars for couples’ nights, stuff like that.”
She waited in front of him, bouncing slightly up and down on her heels, while he digested what she had just proposed.
“And did you know there are sex groups in the area that sometimes have trouble finding a place to meet? You could open your door to them, maybe even rent the place out on off nights for special events.” Joe looked up at him, her eyes bright with excitement.
Vince considered. Sex did sell. Hell, the idea might work. He knew first hand about some of the sex groups. He and Nathan had attended a couple of parties a few years back. He’d never really wanted to be a 24/7 Dominant, but he had to admit he’d enjoyed administering a few spankings over the years. He grinned, remembering the relaxed, fun atmosphere of those parties—not to mention all the interesting people.
“Let’s try it,” he decided.
Joe let out a whoop, jumped up on the bar and twisted around to stand beside him. Instinctively, his arms went around her waist when she planted a victory kiss square on his mouth.

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