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Attack of the Plot Bunnies aka My Muse Has A Warped Sense of Humor

Dateline: Oregon
(**First part is X-post from my blog)

A local author was visciously attacked in her home yesterday by an unknown number of plot bunnies. Authorities believe the author was held hostage for at least five hours while being subjected to fingertip and brain torture before finally being released. Evidence collected at the scene revealed no less than two fresh manuscripts with 6K worth of damage. An unnamed source has revealed that these manuscripts were in no way expected or provoked. The fugitives are still at large and an editor on the case considers them to be armed and dangerous.

I know, I know, everything can come back to Murphy's Law sooner or later (with me, it's usually sooner). So, therefore, when I have a mss on a deadline that needs wrapping up...the muse goes on strike. Or vacation. Or maybe just decides to invite a few friendly plot bunnies over for an unscheduled party.
And when I say unscheduled, I really mean it. I have an Excel spreadsheet with all my writing projects laid out for the near foreseeable future, weekly writing goals, AND I have shared this information with someone, peer pressure to get it done. Keeps me honest.
I'm now going to play the following (mostly) fictional exchange with Peer:
Peer: "Wow! 8K this week? That's great! That means you must've finished Manuscript Due Next."
Me: "Uh. No. Not exactly."
Peer: "O...kay, but you must be close, right? I mean...8K. How many of that was on MDN?"
Me: Pause. "2K." Another pause. "Almost."
Peer: *evil glare* "You wrote over 6K on...what exactly? A new story?"
Me: "Two actually."
Me: "But I'm working on MDN now. It's open in front of me, see?"
Peer: "Exactly how many mss do you have open right now?"
Me: *whispers* "Three."
Why is it so hard to focus on finishing what needs to get done? It's not as if I was trying to come up with new ideas. I have several mss in progress right now actually ON my schedule if I needed to change it up. But the insistence of these scenes in my head was so overwhelming, I really thought my head would explode if I didn't get them down on screen.
Peer: "Your head is going to explode when I..."
(Hits mute) *clears throat* Sorry about that. Anyway, time for me to get back to work.
Promise. *fingers crossed*


Chris said...

You can't fool me with your crossed fingers there, missy.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Chris. You're not fooling anyone!

jessica said...

Is the NMD the only one open, now?????

Devon Rhodes said...

(Hangs head)


Does it count if it's the only one I've looked at today?? (so far)

jessica said...

*taps foot*
I think you know the answer to that question.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Great post, Devon!

You know, I wish I had a few plot bunnies attacking me, though...