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good news for the Satyrs.

Well I missed last month because of RT and I must say I had a great time. I dont have much to say this month, Im leaving in a few hours to hit up BaltiCon in Maryland, so if your in the area, Ill be signing tomorrow at 8pm. Looking forward to it.

Im excited because we just signed out contract with the second Satyr series book, To Collar and Keep and it will be out September 13th 2010. VERY excited about this and Im dying for the cover so I can start promoting it.

This book is about Ben's cousin Harlequin, and the woman that was promised to him in an arranged marriage, the beauty of Greece, Arabella Konstas. As with the other book, it takes place in NY, this time at the amazingly beautiful hotel in New Paltz, The Mohonk Mountain House. And yes, for you Ben fans out there, you will see LOTS of Ben and Mina... He insists on being in everything... Egomaniac.

So We will be posting soon with our new yummy cover... I cant wait. Im off to get myself ready to leave for the convention. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hey, Stella!

Congratulations on the new contract.

I love the 'Gunks -- excellent setting for a romance.

Have fun at Balticon.