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Happy Belated Mother's Day

I hope all the moms out there had a fabulous Mother's Day yesterday. It was a good one here--complete with the handmade goodies from the kids and hugs to wake me up. Of course that didn't stop the bickering and fighting all day long, but you can't ask for too much, right? LOL

Personally, I can't believe we're into May already. This is a horribly busy time of year for us as school wraps up and we have lots of programs, concerts, events and all that jazz. Finding time to write is becoming a challenge. Though I know when summer comes, even with the kids home, writing time will come, so I just need to be patient and keep on keeping on. :)

For Mother's Day, I actually got a few pieces of writing from the kids. As a writer, that just warms my heart. I got a poem from my 7 year old. You know those poems that "MOTHER" is written in a column and they write something for each letter. I won't bore you with the whole thing but I thought it was very cool that for "E", I was considered "Excitably Excellent". LOL Good word usage, son! :)

Another piece I got was a short story from my daughter. It was about a princess and it wasn't a handsome prince coming to save the day (from dragons and bad kings and all that!), it was the Queen. Mommy to the rescue! LOL

Lastly, my oldest daughter, who is very musical, wrote me a song. The gist of the song was that even when I'm crabby, I'm an awesome mom. LOL No mention of any poor behavior on the kids' part, of course. Just that some days Mom is crabby. LOLOLOL

Just goes to show, the munchkins know the way to their mom's heart. Words. I melt more with those than any flowers or trinkets. Tricky little things. :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic week, and I lift my glass (it's just tea I swear!) to all the moms and those who act as moms every day. Here's to you!



ElaineG said...

Sounds like you have awesome kids...which means you are an awesome mom! My 7 yr old bought me a CD (assisted by daddy) and then ORDERED me to take a nap telling me I looked like I could use some sleep lol! It had me all mooshy...which he hates, but he hugged me anyway, and sent me off to bed! Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you mommies!

Lisabet Sarai said...

I love the idea of Mommy to the rescue! You're very fortunate, Jess!