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Idea Spark – A phone

I’ve been having some nasty problems with my phone. A feedback that rings in my ear. Also being able to hear other people’s conversation. It has been driving me nuts but I’ve been so busy to have the time to call the phone company or make an appointment. The other day when I was once again talking on the phone I could hear someone else talking on the phone. Once again it was another person’s conversation. It wasn’t to clear but it was an annoying backdrop. When I hung up as I sat frustrated with the whole phone thing a thought came to me.

An idea for a story. A phone lines crossed idea. Ideas come from all over the place and my phone issues sparked one. It is interesting how that happened. An annoying phone issue becoming a future book. LOL.

I did call the phone company and have them come fix the issue but the phone gave me an idea that I might not have had. There is inspiration for ideas all around you. I’ve come up with ideas from various places. Many very unexpected. Any little thing can give you an idea spark.

Taige Crenshaw
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