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Pictures from RT 2010

We thought you might enjoy sharing some of the photos that we took at this year's Romantic Times Readers Convention, which was held in Columbus, Ohio.

Total-E-Bound stand at Club RT

Lacey Thorn enjoying herself with a Caveman

M.A. Ellis also coping a feel of same said Caveman! Nice.

Nicki Richards, Assistant, and Claire Siemaszkiewicz, Publisher, with yet another Caveman. Naughty ladies!

Total-E-Bound Author night out - from L to R (standing): Claire Siemaszkiewicz, Desiree Holt, Brynn Paulin, Carol Lynne, Bronwyn Green, Cindy Spencer Pape, Genella De Grey, Jambrea Jo Jones, Nicki Richards (notice Nicki with her aversion to having her picture taken? Oh, yes, we had fun snapping shots of her throughout the week!!)
L to R (sitting): Alexis Fleming, Marie Haynes, M.A. Ellis, Stephani Hecht, Tonya Ramagos, and laying down: Lacey Thorn.

Authors at the print book signing:
L to R: Tonya Ramagos, Stella Price, M.A Ellis

More: Amanda McIntyre, Cindy Spencer Pape, Desiree Holt

and more: Lacey Thorn and Carol Lynne

And the gals meeting up at the book signing: Carol Lynne, Claire Siemaszkiewicz, Brynn Paulin

We hope you'll be able to join us next year at RT 2011 in LA!

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Marie Haynes said...

I LOVED RT - it was a Blast! So good to meet everyone!