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Size Queens and Gay "Films"

I have an odd question for those of you who read gay male romances. Do you also find enjoyment in gay porn? If so, are you a size queen?

Meaning, do you care about the size of the gay male’s obvious “talents” or are you a realist in that way? Considering the average male penis is between 4-6 inches in length and that average doesn’t have anything to do with the gay/straight/bi equation, I’m left wondering.

How about in your romances? Do you like to hear that hero is well endowed or do you even care about description in your stories? Many writers slide them in (haha) in a weak attempt to hit up erotica as a market but what they’re really doing is just adding sexual description to their stories.

To be erotica, the plot is very simple: A and B must get together to do some grown shit.
To be erotic romance, the plot is a little more complex. Doing the Grown Shit must forward the plot, which is to get A and B together for a happily ever after (or HFN)

Otherwise you’ve just got a story with sex or sexual description in it.

This is not negotiable, honestly. But back to the question of the gay male penis. Why the fascination with the size of said appendage is beyond me, seeing as the how the ass can stretch but NOT as readily as the vagina. Yes we’re going technical here. I’ve pushed a LOT of boundaries at Total E-bound LOL!

Plus there’s the amount of preparation involved. No anal sex scene should be written without the lube. It’s not logical; it’s unsafe and damn wrong! I know that in the real world sometimes the lube is forgotten (ouch) but we’re writers and if we’re going to mention that Mr. O’Toole is indeed blessed by the gods, we need to make sure Mr. Receptacle is properly prepared.

So tell me, what do you like to see and watch?


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hiya, Sascha!

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never watched any gay porn, though I'd love to--mainly because DH is not at all interested. I have looked at some still shots but I expect it's not quite the same LOL.

I will occasionally shine the spotlight on a character's massive schlong, but mostly I try to be realistic. On the other hand, the characters' perceptions are what is important. Someone who is very turned on may perceive his or her partner's erection as being huge even if it's average.

I love the way you shake things up!


Sascha Illyvich - The Dark Wolf Prince said...

heh thanks Lisa. Its what I do in addition to being a pimp ass writer!