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This past weekend I participated in BLOGMANIA, a special event with 122 blogs.

Many awesome prizes were given away. I rewarded a gift certificate to Amazon and also pdf copies of my books.

It was so awesome, I just signed up to be in the September BLOGMANIA which will be September 15-16.

This time, my prize will be better. I've decided to give away an ebook reader. You heard me. An ebook reader.

Maybe a KOBO, maybe a NOOK, maybe another type. I'm going to explore my options this week and announce it soon.

This September, 175 blogs will be allowed to participate. The leaders anticipate having to turn away applicants as last weekend's event went so well. One of my blogs has already been accepted. I think they liked my prize. :)

So please leave me a comment here about what type of ebook reader you do or don't recommend.

How do you enter this contest? In September 2010 leave a comment on either September 15th or 16th. That's it. It's my blog at:

Yes, I know it's really early to tell everybody about this, but I want to build the momentum.

In case you want to enter a contest THIS WEEK, please visit my Ashley Ladd blog at:

I'll be participating in Blog Jog Sunday May 9th. Leave a comment on my blog May 9th and that will enter you to win a pdf copy of my paranormal erotic romance "Crazy In Love".

If you like cougars, or better yet cubs, and who doesn't love a sexy younger man, please visit my blog the week of May 10-14th for special blog posts by the authors of "Cougars And Cubs" anthology being released by TEB Monday May 10th.

Scene of the Crime (in the Cougars And Cubs anthology) by Ashley Ladd

Robin didn't know whether to be relieved or appalled that the sexy man she'd fallen into bed with wasn't her ex-boyfriend, but his adult son.

When Robin returns to her alma mater as a professor of history, she can't believe her ex-boyfriend is still on campus, much less looking so young and buff after twenty years. The sexy-as-hell man she'd seen on her first day back, however, isn't her ex but his adult son. Although she wants nothing to do with either of them, they won't leave her head or her heart alone.

"Crazy In Love" by Ashley Ladd

The ghost of Kacey's crazy great-grandfather threatens her life but just might save her marriage.

When the ghost of Kacey's crazy great-grandfather mistakes her for her great-grandmother, he threatens to kill her for cheating on him. Meanwhile her husband, Heath, finds out she believes he's fallen out of love with her and he sets out to show her just how much he loves her. However, he fears she's crazy as she claims to see homicidal ghosts.

Although Kacey longs to save her marriage, she doesn't know if she can stay with a man who doesn't believe her and thinks she's insane.

On Monday May 17th, my vampire erotic romance "Carnal Lust" releases at TEB.

Kes is obsessed with killing Nikolai – to prevent him from destroying Earth 900 years into the future.

Kes is obsessed with eliminating Nikolai before he's reborn as the evil vampire who destroys Earth and propels her family into the past.

Once she finds the Nikolai of her present is a good and kind man she's not sure she can hold the very sexy human accountable for something he hasn't yet done.

And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mom's, aunts, and grandmas reading this.



Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Ashley,

I've got to read a romance that features the homicidal ghost of the heroine's grandfather! That's definitely not one I've heard before!


s7anna said...

Oh wow! An e-reader? That is a super awesome giveaway! I think that anything that can be used internationally or in my case in Canada is a good product...if it handles .pdf files (even better!) so a Kobo reader or a Kindle would be an prize.


Ashley Ladd said...

Thanks Lisabet. It was a lot of fun to write.

Ashley Ladd said...

s7anna ~ I love my ebook reader. It's really cool and so much easier to store books.