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A Woman's World

Last night my husband and I attended a local dinner theater. It was terrific, a play -- The Dixie Swim Club -- about five women who first met in college and swam together on the swim team. They meet once a year, for a weekend, at a beach house in the Outer Banks, a stretch of beach in North Carolina. Each woman is decidedly different. One is a vain, self-centered, man-eating beauty. Another a professional too busy for men. A third a devoted housewife and mother, the fourth a redneck with kids constantly in jail trouble and a husband not worth having, and the fifth...a nun.

There was plenty of laughter, as well as more dramatic moments. But the heart of the play was the relationship the women shared. Some trials, much fun, and a lot of interesting dialog.

My husband laughed at the appropriate parts, and he admitted he enjoyed some of it, but I think there was a bit too much estrogen in it for him to truly appreciate what we saw. Which gets me to the point of this post. Women and men really do have different ways of thinking. I know we all know this, but it really hit me last night as we sat watching that play.

One, it only had women in it. No men. Two, the women all discussed issues women face, and not all of them are pretty. Kids, husbands, second and third husbands, work, pregnancy. And it made me think about how I view those topics, as opposed to how my husband views them. He never thinks about plastic surgery to fix his looks or sagging parts. He has no issues with a man drinking beer on the couch and scratching himself in awkward places whenever the mood strikes. His brother gets together with friends once a year (they live far away, so my husband hasn't yet had the chance to go), and they go fishing. Yeah, they fish. Not talk. Fish and drink and sleep.

The differences between men and women never fail to fascinate me. I'm not saying my husband didn't like the play, but I LOVED it. I had to wonder if I'd been watching five men get together to do whatever they do, if I'd have been mildly interested, or if I'd have really "gotten" what it was all about.

Anyway, that's my thought for the day. Estrogen-centered, so I apologize to any XYers reading this post. :)

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Marie,

I don't know...there may be general trends, but there are plenty of individuals who aren't typical men or women. My husband isn't at all like the men you describe. Of course, he has always had more female than male friends, and doesn't really feel all that comfortable with "guys".

Sounds like a really enjoyable play. Maybe they'll make it into a movie.


Marie Harte said...

Hey Lisabet.

I know. Everyone's different, but from what I've seen in my life, men tend to act in certain ways. Again, not all men, but the ones I've spent time with do. I was in the military, and maybe it's just a certain type. And come to think of it, all the guys at my table were prior military! That's funny. :)