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Chaos Defined...

...June in my life.

I swear I have been busier and more mentally and physically taxed this month than in the previous eleven months combined. I know I'm trespassing slightly on Catherine's day--hope I'm forgiven! In fact, here's a cookie as a peace offering...

Here are the highlights!

Closed on a new house early this month, and just moved in last weekend. So all the craziness of moving 12 years worth of stuff, and all the related must-do's have been daunting. Followers of my blog already know that a few days without internet was unacceptable. I'd wait until everyone was asleep and drive the 3 miles to the completely empty old house to get online. Fortunately, we now have internet here. Much cozier.

Didn't have to (or want to) sell the old house, and have renters moving in this weekend. So less than a week to turn in around. I probably have 5 different color paint specks on my body. Oh, and if you're considering putting up one of those cute wallpaper borders??? Don't. Trust me on this.

My mom is visiting for the first time in a few years. See my Hot Spot Thanksgiving post for the background on why this is so amazing and wonderful. This trip was planned well before all the moving stuff came about, so it's just dumb luck she's here during the single most busy week of my recent life.

One of the reasons she's here now...Little Bit turns four tomorrow. So we'll be celebrating with a small combination birthday and housewarming party on Sunday.

Why Sunday you ask? It's dance recital time. And since both girls are in dance (and the older one is on a performing group and has multiple routines), I'm practically living at the Newmark Theatre this week. Lots of gel, bobby pins, and searching for the right dance shoes (jazz? tap? ballet?).

Oh, and the oldest has her first slumber party at a friend's for a birthday party on Saturday.

Also trying to keep up with writing, editing, proofing, etc.  In my spare time.

That probably doesn't sound like a lot, but my circuits are blown! Whew!  I think I need another cookie with my coffee!


This week, I have the next book in my Vampires & Mages & Weres, Oh My! series coming out, Through The Red Door. My angel Kyrian and demon Seth will be loosely linked down the line to the characters in A Pint Light, but for now it's an utterly stand-alone read. I love the cover, what a fabulous job!

Just a demon's luck. Seth finally finds the perfect house...and it comes with an angel.

The last thing that demon Seth expects to come across while househunting is an injured angel...especially one who has no idea he's anything but human. Every instinct in him wants to stay far away, but Kyrian is being targeted by another demon, and Seth reluctantly finds himself playing guardian to the irresistible male.

Kyrian has no idea what is 'haunting' his house, but after he breaks his ankle being shoved off the deck, he's had enough. Strong, handsome Seth is a godsend, making him feel safe and secure. But he alludes to secrets that will test everything Kyrian believes...and turns the tables on just who needs protecting.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Devon!

Good luck in the new digs!

Chaos brings out the best in us, I think.

(Love your eye candy, by the way.)


ElaineG said...

Well Devon, sounds like you are just a busy bee! I have been having a chaotic week (nothing like your month though) and I must say the eye candy? Works wonders on getting a girls blood pressure to a decent level (high but not as high as dealing with the kid and his cousins while school is out lol!) I can't wait to read Through the Red Door, been waiting for it to release...congrats!

Devon Rhodes said...

Hi Lisabet, I do seem to rise to the occasion when chaos descends, but doesn't mean it's easy! :)

Elaine, thank you so much! And yes, I was aiming for breathless in a good way. ;) Glad to know I hit your buttons right!