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I'm melting away- It is SUMMER time


Okay it’s HOT! No I mean really really HOT! I am sure you already know this but I can’t seem to get the thought out of my head that it is just too damn HOT!

Even worse is trying to write a scene when in the book it’s not 110 degrees outside! All of a sudden my hero is in boarding shorts. It was freaking snowing three chapters ago!

Now don’t get me wrong. I like hot steamy romance- AKA SEX! The hotter the better. But sometimes the mind does not cooperate with my fingers. I think I know what I’m going to type and than BAM, something out of the ordinary pops up. Like shorts in snow.

Although my hero would look very nice in shorts I prefer him to be naked if he’s going to be that bare. Let us see it all! Lol!

So while I’m struggling with the heat here I thought I would give you a couple funny quotes I found while searching something totally unrelated, yep it’s been one of those weeks. Because really if I don’t laugh I just might give up and not come out of my house until December.

Quote 1

"Summer is the season when a man thinks he can cook better on an outdoor grill than his wife can on an indoor stove."
Short funny quote by, Anonymous.

Quote 2

"People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world,"
Short and funny quotes, Calvin.

Quote 3

"All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific."
Short funny quotes by, Jane Wagner.

So hopefully you got a little giggle like me.

But Summer time does means one more thing we do get to enjoy HOT summer releases. Last night I went back to my Suumer release Summers' Girl. It was a story that I really enjoyed writing and I am so glad it was part of last years Suumer Seductions series. For those of you who have not read it here is a little about Summers' Girl- on sale through Total-E-Bound.


The summer heat isn't the only thing causing Hannah Wagner's temperature to soar - half-naked carpenter Jake Summers is doing more than his part.

Hannah Wagner needs a place to relax and escape everyday life - and the summer home of her childhood fits the bill. She's shocked and a little uneasy by the instant sexual attraction she finds with the carpenter who is renovating the house. Hannah fights her attraction to Jake Summers, but when she finds him skinny dipping in the lake behind her house, it only adds fuel to the fire inside her.

But Hannah is not only looking for a break from her life, she is running from a troubled past and a dangerous ex-husband. When Hannah's ex shows up and threatens her, Jake calls in his old Special Forces team to help. He is determined to bring the man down...and cement the fact that Hannah is Jake Summers' girl.

Before I go I want to Congratulate the winner of my June 2010 Contest- Reading Rewards.

Congrats goes out to


She won $10.00 in free Ebooks and a signed covered copy of one of my books. If you didn’t win this month don’t worry! This is the summer for reading and free books. July’s contest starts tomorrow. Details available at my Blog- starting tomorrow.

Crissy Smith

Romance on the ‘WILD’ side…


Maria said...

Great post Crissy! Yes it's terribly hot here too but we had a storm come thru on Sunday Night and the weather is finally back on track for what we should have gotten in late May/early the qoutes..especially Calvin's ....Thanks for the excerpt from Summer Girl...will definitely have to get that!

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