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Secondary Characters

As those close to me know, we've been doing a bit of poetry in our house lately. It all started with my oldest daughter who had to write a poem for school and couldn't come up with a word to rhyme with the previous line. "You know," I told her, "poems do not have to rhyme." This was met with disbelief and sneering, followed by "Prove it." I showed her some online and in books. Then she threw down the all time challenge, "Well, you couldn't write a poem that doesn't rhyme."

Oh bring it, girl.

So I wrote the silly "Ode to My Wrist" - as my wrists were killing me that day. Well this has spiralled out of control. Out of the blue, I'll hear one of the kids - usually the oldest daughter, but the others have joined in as well - start saying an "ode". Think along the lines of "Ode to Big Brother's Smelly Gym Socks", "Ode to the Dustbunnies Beneath the Couch", or my personal favorite "Ode to Whatever that is Petrifying in the Back of the Fridge".

So, you lucky, lucky things, you get an ode as part of today's post. :-D


You aren't fooling anyone.
I know what you are up to.
Looking so innocent, so charming,
But you're lying in wait
Until the perfect moment to pounce.

You'll tell me your life's story,
How you're waiting for your true love.
You'll flirt, you'll smile, you'll cry
and I'm caught in your web.
And you know it.

The word patience means nothing to you.
You laugh when I tell you to wait,
that I must finish this story first.
Never mind that without this story
you wouldn't exist.

Oh, you'll get your story, your true love,
but just you wait. You'll get yours.
When I'm working hard on you, your brother or sister
(or your boss or your friend or your pizza delivery man)
will start making eyes at me. Then you'll be sorry.

Okay, that was silliness, of course. But it, for me, stems from truth. I haven't written a story yet that some secondary characters hasn't touched me in some way that his/her story needs to be told. My current work is process is a perfect example. I'm working on the third book in my Into the Shadow series.

I never intended this to be a series. I wrote book one - Lust Me, Trust Me - as part of TEB's Bite Me! collection. It was supposed to be one story. Period. Then of course, the hero's partner and friend was just too funny and cute to NOT write about. So Have Me, Hold Me was born. Now I'm writing on book three. The hero was mentioned in book one, and made an appearance in book two. I'm weak. I cannot resist a sexy, ansty, troubled man. So I've found him the perfect kick-ass woman to help him with his troubles, and his story is nearly done. BUT...

You guessed it, there's another book in the works. Yes, even with my eyes wide open to the tricks these secondary characters pull, I fall for it every time. I guess it all works out in the end - I get to revisit characters and see how they're doing and keep going back into the worlds I create and love. If only the characters would develop a bit of patience...

So for putting up with my silliness, I'm going to share my current hero with you. Everyone, meet Seth.

*sigh* Is it any wonder he distracted me?

Thanks for reading. :-) I hope everyone is having a great week. See ya next month!

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Must be fun around your house, Jessica!

Great post. The "Ode to My Wrist" deserves a read too.


Jess Jarman said...

LOL Most of the time it's fun. I'll admit it's the periods of laughter and silliness that make the teenaged squabbles *almost* bearable. :-)

Thanks for reading.

Genella deGrey said...


I'd love to repost it - and give you the credit, of course!

Jess Jarman said...

Of course you can repost it. :-D
I'm glad you liked it. It was fun to come up, though I think some of those tricksy secondary characters were scowling. LOL

So repost away. :-D