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Seriana Found

There's something about the chase that's always fun. Pirates, marauder's, villains and the innocent woman on the run. Of course, a hunky hero and a spunky heroine make the story even better.

Seriana Found is about a woman on the run from her destiny--the man meant for her. Abjon is a pirate, second in command to the roving fleet her father runs. He's a cutthroat and a Ragga--a race that breeds the strongest men in the System. Seriana has always had feelings for Abjon, but she wants out of the criminal lifestyle. So she runs.

But Abjon has been after the woman for years. He's finally ready to make his claim when she disappears. Frustrated and angry, he searches. And searches. And after a year, he finds her. Her disguise can't hide the woman he loves. If she'll give him a chance, he'll show her he's changed. And more, he'll show her the love they can have between them. But if the stubborn woman won't give him a chance, he'll hold her captive until she sees reason. His reason--his love.

Coming to Total E-Bound in July


Lisabet Sarai said...

Oh darn, Marie!

Why didn't you post an excerpt?!



Crissy said...

Great last line- His Reason I mean. Sounds great!