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Sulty Summer Series Contest and Jude's Wanton Quill

Sultry Summer Series Contest

Authors Jude Mason and Jenna Byrnes are hot! We’d like to heat you up, too, so we’re having a Sultry Summer Series Contest! Two winners will receive their choices of a series each from Jude and Jenna’s backlist:

Kindred Spirits (m/m, paranormal, 3 ebooks)
Untamed Hearts (m/m and m/f/m ménage, shifters, 4 ebooks)
Slippery When Wet (m/m, 4 ebooks)

Answer the following questions and email your answers to:

1) What’s the name of the inn in the Kindred Spirits series?
2) Name the four animals represented by shifters in the Untamed Hearts series.
3) In what prison were the four main characters in the Slippery When Wet series incarcerated?

Find the answers on our websites:


If you subscribe to either Jude’s or Jenna’s newsletter,
mention that in your email.
Subscribers to one, get an extra contest entry.
Subscribe to both will earn you two extra entries!
If you’re not a subscriber yet, what are you waiting for?

Contest runs from June 15 to August 15, 2010.
Winners will be notified by email and announced on both
Jude and Jenna’s blogs.

Good Luck and Have a Sultry Summer!


Jude Mason's Wanton Quill
Newsletter #61- June 2010 Edition

I hope you've had a spectacular month. Mine has been busy, which is good, and productive, which is very good. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and I'll tell you all about it.

What you'll find in this issue:
What Jude's been up to:
This has been an incredibly busy time, and I've got some awesome news to share!

Where to find Jude:
Website, myspace, blogs yahoo and more…oh so very much more

Coming soon:
Selene’s Awakening, in ebook and audio, from Total E-Bound!

New Release:
Forever Mine and Ask for It.

2 Awesome reviews for Willing and Able

Yes, that’s with an ‘s’. 2 new interviews for you to check out.

Free Read
A lovely bit from Stiff Trick (Don’t you just adore that title?)

Contest Winner
Congratulations to Tamsyn, find out what she won and why.

Website Updates:
You betcha. New stuff and here's the url:

To read a slightly condensed version online, go here:

If you'd like to join Jude's Yahoo Chat/Newsletter group, the url is:

To have your name added to my mailing list, please email me at:
Jude.Mason AT
Take care and have an amazing day!


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