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Unconventional Beta Men

Are pretty much my favourite kind of men. Which I know is probably not good for my career, because I hardly ever want to write about great hulking alphas. Instead I want to write about the strangest, craziest, most probably sexually confused dudes I can get my hands on.

In the last thing I handed in, Control, the main male character is Gabriel Kauffman. His parents owned a toy museum. In his spare time he reads smutty books and tries to hide it from his boss, the heroine. He wears tweed, and has thick glasses, and looks quite a lot like this:

Then there's the cat-shifter thing I'm working on at the moment. The hero stubbornly refuses to wear clothes. He likes women to bite him, but doesn't know it yet because everyone thinks he should be tough and strong and manly, and not kind of like a puppy even though he's a cat. He looks kind of like the most adorable dude in the world, Evan Lysacek:

I could totally imagine my heroine feeding him turkey drummers. Couldn't you?

And lately, I've really started to crush on Murdock, from the A-Team. So God knows what story that's going to lead me to. I bet he'd be up for all kinds of crazy things, involving sock puppets and weird accents and oh God, it's going to sell about three copies. All bought by my Mum.

But I no longer care, because man alive I love unconventional beta men. I love them so much that I'm willing to write hugely unpopular nutso stories about them, and damn the consequences!

The consequences are going to be me, dying in an 18th Century pauper's workhouse, aren't they. Oh Murdock, I hope you're worth it!

1 comment:

Lisabet Sarai said...

Oh, Charlotte!

I definitely share your tastes. I'm a big fan of nerds. They're significantly more enthusiastic and grateful for sexual attention. And when they take those glasses off...!

Looking forward to reading CONTROL!