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Heating up the Summer

Here, in the mid-west, it's hotter than holy hell.Today I stepped onto my back porch and my hair, which I had secured into a ponytail, absorbed the liquid air, expanded, curled and broke free of its binding - seriously. I thought for a while that the light mist would help wash away some of the humidity, but then my husband rightly pointed out that the "mist" was actually just the moisture in the air. Exhausted with my attempts to breath the heavy, moist air and desperate to somewhat tame my ever expanding hair, I headed inside to bask in the artificial coolness of air conditioning. You'd think I'd have enough of heat, but no, not so much. What better to do on a hot day than to get even hotter. So, I curled myself onto the couch, sipped a cool drink and started reading. Man oh Man - now I'm really ready for that cold shower!

Just in case you might be like-minded, I've given you a small taste of my latest book, What's Your Pleasure.


Feeling Vincent’s hand on the small of her back, she walked into the room. This was a dream come true. How many nights had she fantasised about both Vincent and Nathan? How did Vincent know? Would he be jealous? If he were, then why would he initiate this ménage?
She heard Nathan rise from the sofa and walk over to her. He ran his hand along her face and grasped the nape of her neck, tipping her head back. His lips, warm and strong, descended on hers. His tongue pushed her mouth open and began its assault. Joe melted under his power. Vincent was a strong man, but also had a slow and sensual touch. Nathan was pure power. She leaned against him and felt his arms go around her. He lifted her, carrying her to the dining room while continuing to kiss her senseless.
Only when he gently laid her on the table did he raise his head, breaking the contact with her mouth. She felt his breath on her neck and heard him whisper, “Tonight, you are ours, Blondie. But know this. I will stop if you want me to. Don’t care what I’m doing, if you want to stop, say the word. I want you to enjoy this as much as Vince and I plan to.”
Joe nodded, too overwhelmed to speak. Suddenly, she jumped. Something cold was dripping on her chest. Ice?
Vincent laughed. “You’re frowning, little one. Trying to figure out what I’m doing?”

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Lisabet Sarai said...

I agree, sounds hot, Marie!