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Hot Stuff!

Summer is here and in some places around the world I am sure people are wilting with the heat, here in good old Blighty however it has done nothing but rain ALLLLLLLLL week. So to cheer us Brit's up and to remind ourselves it really is summer I've got some hot stuff for us all today, including a steamy excerpt and a free, summer read.

First of all I'm going to give you a taste of Travel Delight. Let's start with the blurb:

When Janet met Guy her whole corporate and predictable world crumbled. The exciting young American whisked her away on a summer holiday that she would never forget, an expedition to find her sexual self.

They started in York where they discovered the delights of the Minster and their exhibitionist lusts. In London they visited the Queen and found the secret delights hidden in the Shadows of Hyde Park. And in Paris, the City of Lovers, Janet made the most important decision of her life. Should she stay with Guy and discover more of her adventurous nature or should she return to the career she had worked so hard to build?

The most important decisions in life are always the most difficult to make.

The story is full of hot sex scenes, many of them in public so if exhibitionism gets you going then this is definitely the story for you. Here's a nibble from Guy and Janet's London visit.

She heard him behind her, his feet hitting the pavement, his laugh and his call. She ignored him and sprinted on faster, across at the red light and into the park, the cool shade of the trees a relief to her hot body. The summer heat had been pleasant, but the cool shade let her push on a little harder. She risked a look round. He wasn’t there.

She slowed to a jog, still no sign of him. She could have sworn she’d heard his footsteps behind her only moments before. Where was he? She was just about to reach into her handbag for her mobile phone when a masculine hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bushes. She yelped a little but was silenced by familiar lips hitting hers. She wanted to yell at him, to curse and to reprimand him for such childish behaviour, but it seemed that he had some kind of potion on his lips that made her incapable of sane thought and recognisable speech.

“Now you’re going to find out just how perverted I am,” he whispered and pushed her to her knees in the grass. She held in a yelp, not wanting to draw attention to them, knowing that people were walking and jogging past this spot merely yards away. She wasn’t scared, no, she was excited. Her heart thumped from the exercise and the arousal. The smell of crushed grass and the soft give of the earth below her made her tingle. She was outside, surrounded by nature, and she was going to be fucked, she knew it.

He flicked up her skirt and slapped her buttock, gently so as not to make a sound. He repeated the action on the other bare cheek. He had insisted she go knickerless today for his delight and easy access. He dropped to his knees behind her and much to her surprise kissed her bum. His lips slipped up and down her cheeks as his fingers pried apart her buttocks. She felt exposed. A sudden stab of anxiety hit her, and she tried to shuffle away.

“No,” he commanded in a hoarse whisper. “Stay still. I’m going to fuck you, and I’m choosing where to stick my dick.” His foul language made her squirm but not in fear. She had never indulged in anal sex before but as his tongue gently lapped at her tiny hole, she realised she would like to experience it with him. She wanted to experience it all with Guy.

“Not today,” he groaned and licked lower. “I need this pussy. It’s so wet and inviting. He stretched out his tongue and licked up and down her slit. She bit her lip, holding back a whimper as each pass with his tongue came closer and closer to her clit but he stopped before he reached it.

She could hear the gentle wind in the trees behind the rough sound of his zipper. Ducks quacked and splashed in the lake beyond and children’s yells and laughter floated over. The park was filled with people enjoying this hot summer day, and not one of them knew what was going on in this shady area of trees and bushes, but any one of them could stumble upon them and find out.

You can pick up Travel Delight from Total-E-Bound and all my other Blisse ebooks with 10% off right now. Just use code: KICMH447 at checkout.

And as if you're all not hot enough already, now I'm going to tell you all about a free read of mine available for download right now for zero pence, now that's a bargain and a half. It's called Summer Exposure and here's an introduction for you.

Sweet sea air, ice cream and sex, what more could you want?
Indulge your inner voyeur with an erotic trip around a seaside town at the height of the summer season as fun in the sun is all the better when it's in public.

Again it's a little tale of voyeuristic pleasure and is set in my most favourite place in all the world, Scarborough.

Scarborough is a seaside town off the North East coast of England and I've been visiting there since I was a child. I really love setting stories there.

I hope you've enjoyed this little bite of summer and I hope you all make the most of the sun while it lasts or, in the case of us water-logged Brits we just simply hope the sun will come out soon!

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Victoria,

Definitely sounds steamy! Wouldn't we all like a holiday of that sort?