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More advice for Healthy Writers

Some of you have seen my posts on healthy writing habits on various blogs and that’s good. Many of you are using the basic vital techniques hopefully to control pain, blood pressure, weight loss and most importantly, stress. That’s good. But I want to talk about a few more habits I’ve developed here to help erotic romance writers.

First off, I mentioned the health benefits of green tea in my earlier post. Once you start drinking tea, it can substitute as a beverage of choice and give you a good dose of herbs that help stimulate various functions in the body. I don’t know about finding some of the teas in the UK but in the States, we have Traditional Medicinals, a company that makes herbal teas blended with a variety of purposes. One of my favorites is Breathe Easy, a tea that’s loaded with things like slippery elm bark and cinnamon. This aids in, you guessed it, lung and breathing function. A few cups of this throughout your day will help those asthmatics to use the inhalers with less frequency. Another one I like is throat coat (Lisabet and Jude, stop snickering or I’ll give you “my” version *wicked grins*) This tea has a slightly different herbal mixture that helps repair throats, is excellent when you’re sick or a smoker.

Many of you know I’ve recently picked up the rather English tradition of pipe smoking as it’s less expensive that my cigar habit but still gives me an air of sophistication though one of my dearest readers suggests I’m way too young to smoke a pipe. Btw, Esoterica out of the British Isles makes a great selection of pipe tobacco!

Onto the next suggestion for health. When you’re stuck plotting erotic stories, I suggest getting up from the computer, going outside and enjoying the fresh air. Walk somewhere. Take in the scenery if you have it. I’ve been invited to a hike recently near where I live and the area promises to be a visceral treat. Granted, it’s early in the morning and I’ll be smoking a cigar while hiking with new friends, it’s still a break that should enable me to clear my mind.

The walking is good for blood circulation which helps alleviate pain. Also since we’re talking about stimulating blood flow, I should mention that this helps stimulate creativity too. Trust me. A good 30 minute jaunt will do wonders.

Lastly, I’ve taken up an old hobby. Since upgrading my cell phone, I’ve discovered I can now play online chess in a similar manner to mail chess where two players have a board set up in their homes and mail back their moves. I’ve been playing my brother over the last few weeks. This is a good relaxing game for me as it requires strategy and concentration but I don’t have to work “too” hard. I usually check if it’s my move while I’m at Grants Tobacconist.

The newer trend in America is Sudoku. That also helps too. As we age, our minds slow down (some of us more than others!) and using the rational parts of our minds in different and creative ways keeps us fresh for writing and other pertinent things.

Until next time!

Sascha Illyvich

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