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Favorite Author

I have a big time author crush. BIG time author crush. My hubby has even caught me petting this author's name on her book covers. HUGE author crush. I've read nearly every book she's written, all 48 or so books. I've scoured used bookstores to get my hands on her entire Tall, Dark and Dangerous series published by Silhouette Intimate Moments. I've even got a copy of her very first book Future Perfect published by Kismet in 1993. Currently I'm rereading her 15 book Troubleshooters series from start to finish and loving every minute of being reunited with the hot US Navy Seals of Team Sixteen.

Has anyone guessed this author yet? Do you love her too?

The best part of this fall will be the conference I attend in October when I will get to meet my author crush face to face. I hope I don't gush too much and embarrass myself too terribly when I shake hands with the incredible Suzanne Brockmann.

Yeah, and we share the same first name! One other thing we shared this week is love from a fan.

I received the nicest email this week from a fan who wrote that she enjoyed my Gifts of Desire series so much that she's read the series twice. She said that the second time was even better, and she's looking forward to my latest book in the Threefold Anthology coming out September 6.

I've been walking on a cloud all week. I get to meet my favorite Suz, and a fan is loving this Suz.


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Chris R said...

I loved Suzanne Brockmann's books when she wrote for Loveswept.